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modify delete 43346 - from Maeve (Ireland) - 2012-02-08
: "Looking for E-Pals in USA (Irish school)"

Hi, I am an Irish student teacher and will have a class of 22 students between the ages 9 and 11 for 4 weeks. We are going to study America, and therefore, I am looking for a class of similar age in America to exchange emails, photos, information about our culture etc. with.

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modify delete 98156 - Reply from Alexis (USA) - 2014-03-29

I am responding to your ad. I am a fifth grade Social Studies teacher from New York. I teach 2 classes of Social Studies with approximately 25 students in each class. I saw your ad and would love to correspond with you via email or snail mail, if you have not already found a class to correspond with. I realize that you posted your ad about a month ago, but hope it's not too late! Email me back either way. My students would love to communicate with students from another country and learn about the Irish culture. Thank you! Sincerely, Alexis

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modify delete 74908 - Reply from caitlyn (USA) - 2013-06-24

im responding to your ad. i have 2 sons ages 7 and 12. we are a homeschooled family and would love to do this. my sons names are eddie and zack. from caitlyn.

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modify delete 45760 - Reply from Lyn (USA) - 2012-08-19

Hi Maeve,
I guess I missed your initial request for American penpals. But if you have gotten a position somewhere and still need penpals, let me know. I am a looping teacher with 9 - 10 year old students looking for a classroom to exchange information about cultures. Best of luck in your new career!

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modify delete 43437 - Reply from Ms. Sarah (USA) - 2012-02-16

Hi Maeve,

My name is Ms. Sarah and I am a fourth grade teacher at an elementary school in San Francisco, California, USA. My students are 9-10 years old and we would love to exchange letters, photos, and such with you all. I have several students of Irish heritage, and I myself have Irish ancestors on my maternal grandfather's side.

Please get back to us at your earliest convenience
Thank you,
Ms. Sarah

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modify delete 43411 - Reply from Amanda (USA) - 2012-02-14

Hi Maeve!
I am a fourth Grade Teacher at a Catholic School in New York. The ages in my class range from 9-10 years. I am new to this webpage, but I think it would be very interesting for my students to experience different cultures from around the world. Let me know if you are interested.

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modify delete 43354 - Reply from Katie (USA) - 2012-02-09

Hi Maeve,
I am a 2nd grade teacher of 18 7-9 year olds in North Carolina. We are trying to learn more about the world as well and would love to do it through emails/information/snail mail. Because of district policy, I don't know if we would be able to exchange photographs...but I will check if you are interested. Please let me know, I am anxious to hear back from you!

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