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modify delete 40538 - from Ilona (Finland) - 2011-09-04
: "Looking for pen/keypal class"

I teach english in a small elementary school in Finland. My students have studied english for three years. It would be nice for them to learn more by writing to abroad. And at the same time it would be great to learn more about foreign cultures. I have 18 students in my class, aged 11-12 years-old. We would like to start writing as soon as possible and we would prefer e-mail messages.
regards, Ilona Laine

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modify delete 123798 - Reply from Annie Claude (Senegal) - 2018-09-20

Hello ,I am Annie a teacher from Senegal .I would like to visit Finland 's schools because of the educative 's system.I need to receive invitations from many finland's schools.

Lots of greetings from Senegal


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modify delete 117916 - Reply from Krzysztof (Poland) - 2017-09-03

Hi, I am very interested in having penfriends for my pupils from an elementary school. It would be wonderful to correspond with Finnish children. Please write

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modify delete 113385 - Reply from cherie (USA) - 2016-09-25

Hello,my name is Cherie Free. I teach 5th grade (aged 10-11). I have a class of 18 students who would love to write to your students! Would you be interested in this?

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modify delete 109260 - Reply from Eka Sri Aswandari (Indonesia) - 2015-11-17

Hi Ilona, are you still interested to corresponding project?. I was teaching in grade 3 students, here in Indonesia. We are country with so many island and cultural. If you still interested pleas feel free to contact me.

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modify delete 48028 - Reply from Tracie (USA) - 2012-10-31

I have a group of 11 and 12 year old students that would like to write to your students. We live in the USA (Chicago suburbs).

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modify delete 42027 - Reply from taylor (USA) - 2011-10-26

We are from a technology school in az. We are a second grade class looking for a group to email, video conference an snail mail.

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modify delete 41737 - Reply from Marice (Italy) - 2011-10-12

Hi! my name is Marice, I'm an English teacher in Rivoli, a little town near Turin, Italy. My students aged 10 are looking forward to having some friends of different cultures to be penpals with!! In my class there are 20 pupils who need to improve their english. Write me soon if you are interested. Best regards!!

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modify delete 41522 - Reply from Fernanda (Brazil) - 2011-10-06

Hello dear, how are you?

My name is Fernanda, I am a master's student from Brazil.

Nowadays I am researching about foreign primary english textbooks, so that's why I am contacting you.

Do you teach children? It would be nice to share ideas about it.



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modify delete 41271 - Reply from Ana (Spain) - 2011-09-28

Hi, I also teach English in Ceuta, Spain. I would like to participate in your pen pal project. I have 19 students aged 11-12 as well.
Tell us how you would like to start.
Thanks very much for giving us this oportunity. The kids are really excited about it!

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modify delete 41066 - Reply from Leslie (USA) - 2011-09-24

You may want to look at The Student Letter Exchange-
they may be able to help you find pen pals for your students- I know you can register them for free

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modify delete 40804 - Reply from marie (Sweden) - 2011-09-14


I teach a 5th grade in Ekeby - outside Helsingborg in Sweden. We have a project where I have kids ages 10-16 that want to find penpals in english. I have one girl especially - Ida - that really would like to find a penpal in Finland. She is 10 and has roots in Finland. Please write back if you have someone that would find this interesting.


Marie Dahlstrand

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modify delete 40560 - Reply from Kim (USA) - 2011-09-05

Hi-I teach in Maine, USA. I have 18 students in second grade and am looking to do some correspondence via wikispaces surrounding writing. I just got a student from Finland who speaks absolutely no English, so this would help him a lot as well as teach my whole class about his culture.

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modify delete 40558 - Reply from Cara (USA) - 2011-09-05

Hello! I teach music to grades K-5 and would love to have correspondence with another class via email. Part of our music curriculum is studying other cultures of the world, and this would be a wonderful way to do this. I could allow my fifth graders (10-11 years old) to write back and forth with your students. Please email me if you are interested.

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