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modify delete 33290 - from Noreen (Ireland) - 2010-02-01
: "penpals wanted"

I teach a class of 11-12 year old boys and girls in a primary school in Cork.My class is looking to correspond by snail mail with children of a similar age in the U.S.

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modify delete 111874 - Reply from Tabitha (USA) - 2016-07-31

I am home schooling my daughter who looking for another girl to be a pen pal with. She is 10 years old and we live in Texas. She would love to have a pen pal. Please contact me if you are interested.

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modify delete 43434 - Reply from dylana (USA) - 2012-02-16

Hi,I'm Dylana and i live in the USA.I would love find a pen pal from Ireland to write. I'm 11 years old. Part of my family came from Ireland.I like camping,swimming,basket ball,watching TV,and more.I have two dogs,a rabbit, and a fish.If you asked me to say three words that describe me i would say"Crazy,Overwhelming,and fun".I have purple and blonde hair.

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modify delete 42321 - Reply from Nicole (USA) - 2011-11-12

Hi. I am a teacher in the United States and I am looking for any educational opportunity you have to offer. Please let me know what you can do. You can communicate with me as well.

Nicole :)

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modify delete 42270 - Reply from Jamey (USA) - 2011-11-11

I am a teacher in Duncanville, Texas, USA. I have 22 9-year olds that would love to participate in a penpal relationship. We live in a suburb of Dallas.

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modify delete 39362 - Reply from Therese (USA) - 2011-07-13

I am a 4th Grade teacher who would love to be Pen Pals with you and your class. We are located in New York State in USA. Let me know. :)

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modify delete 39361 - Reply from Therese (USA) - 2011-07-13

I am a 4th Grade teacher who would love to be Pen Pals with you and your class. We are located in New York State in USA. Let me know. :)

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modify delete 38527 - Reply from Diana (USA) - 2011-03-27


I teach gifted students ages 10-12 in a rural area of Illinois. I would be very interested in establishing smail correspondance with your class. Please email me if you are still interested.

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modify delete 38037 - Reply from giusi (Italy) - 2011-01-28

Hi, I am a second language english teacher from southern Italy and my 9 - 12 year-old students would be more than happy to correspond via snail-mail with english speaking pupils. Please contact me.

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modify delete 37727 - Reply from Niamh Mcquillan (USA) - 2010-12-22

Hi, I need one girl too e-mail one of my pupils she's called aimee. thanks!

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modify delete 37673 - Reply from Viola (USA) - 2010-12-15

Hi I am an English as a Second Language teacher in Spring Creek, Nevada, USA. I have studnets ranging in age from 5-18. My 4th-7th grade students want to write to students in another country. The problem for me is that I only have 5 students. Please let me know if this is something you would like to do.


Viola Foy

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modify delete 36053 - Reply from maud (France) - 2010-09-09


My name is Maud, I'm 24 years old and I live in Paris. I 'm studing to become a teacher and I must find two training course, one week in decembre and three weeks in March. I would like make these training course in your country to discover an other type of education.
Could you welcome me to I observe your class, your teaching and having work experience in other country to perfect my english during these training course?

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modify delete 36039 - Reply from Liz (USA) - 2010-09-08

I lead a group of girl scouts, age 10-11. We have only 8 or 9 girls in our troop. Would you still be interested in writing via snail mail during this school year?

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modify delete 35118 - Reply from Rebecca (USA) - 2010-07-27

I teach sixth grade in the United States. My students are between the ages of 11 and 13 years old. In sixth grade, the students study the geography and cultures of the world. I am interested in having my students correspond through postal mail rather than e-mail because there is not much access to technology at my school. If you are interested in having your class correspond with mine, please respond. Thank you.

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modify delete 33763 - Reply from Annick (Canada) - 2010-03-12

Hi! My name is Annick and I teach English as a second language in the province of Quebec, Canada. I have 4 groups of secondary 1 students. They are 12 to 14. I would like to have new penpals for my students. They could exchange letters, postcards... they could write a journal...
Just let me know if you are still interested.

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modify delete 33636 - Reply from Patty (USA) - 2010-02-25

My wife is a teacher in Boston, and our three kids range in age from 9-12. We actually plan to visit Ireland in late April and were hoping to have a penpal in a school that we could meet while we're there. Let me know if this sounds like something that could work for your class.


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modify delete 33608 - Reply from hisham (Morocco) - 2010-02-23

hi teacher,
I would much like to have snail letters penpals.
If you are so interested i will be so happy to share it with you with great pleasure.
I am from Morocco, I teach English in a juniro high school in a very nice school, beni mellal region.
I have so many brillaint students who would like to share cultural things.
Hisham with best wishes

33290 -
modify delete 33431 - Reply from Gudrun (Germany) - 2010-02-08

Hi Noreen,
I'm teaching English at my own small afternoon school. I've a class 6 of 3 boys and two girls, 11/12 years old, who definately would be interested in exchanging lettters as pen pals.
By the way, every year in summer I take some student to Killarney for a summer course at the Killarney School of English!

I am loking forward to hearing more from you!

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