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modify delete 21629 - from Aileen (Ireland) - 2007-10-12
Primary school : "Looking for penpals ASAP"

Hi there, I'm a teacher of 3rd class in Ireland, I have 32 pupils in my class 17 girls and 15 boys) aged 8-9 years old. If anyone is interested in becoming our penpals by post please contact us ASAP..Thank you.

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modify delete 44235 - Reply from Manjula (Sri Lanka) - 2012-05-10

Hi, Aileen,

I'm Mrs. Manjula Yahampath, married with two children. both are girls. Elder daughter is 11 yrs and younger one is 9 yrs. So I would like my daughters to exchange letters with your school students. ( only girls ) . I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Manjula .

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modify delete 37254 - Reply from Heather (USA) - 2010-11-04

Hi there! I am a fourth grade teacher with a class of 30 students. I have 16 girls and 14 boys. We are in search of a penpal to learn about another culture. If you are still in need of a penpal, please contact me asap. I look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you kindly,
Heather Lingerfelt

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modify delete 32364 - Reply from Megan (USA) - 2009-11-04

Are you still looking for pen pals? I am a third grade teacher from Indiana in the search of pen pals!

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modify delete 29832 - Reply from Chloe (China) - 2009-04-25

Hello,I am a 15 years old girl from China.I am a high school student.Can I be your student's penpal?I really wanna.Though I am not English native speaker,but I think my English is okay to communicate with them,and I also can teach them Chinese/

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modify delete 26300 - Reply from Lindy (USA) - 2008-08-24

Hello! I teach 21 third graders (children aged 8-9) in Oregon! I know that we have fewer children than you, but maybe we can make it work? We would love to correspond in English with you - it would be lots of fun! We are studying countries all over the world and would be excited to learn about your culture and lives! Thank you, Lindy

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modify delete 24255 - Reply from Nikki (USA) - 2008-03-18

Dear Aileen,
I am a 13 year old girl from the United States and I would be more than happy to write to your class or a student. If you still need a pen pal I will happily accept.

Thank You,

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modify delete 24145 - Reply from Abrielle (USA) - 2008-03-08

I am 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. I live in the United States. I would love to have a penpal to write to. I prefer a little girl as my mom wants it to be that way. If you are still looking for penpals for your class I am interested. Please email me back to let me know.
Thank you,

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modify delete 22858 - Reply from Nina Jelezarova (Bulgaria) - 2007-12-14


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modify delete 22296 - Reply from JAke (USA) - 2007-11-24

HI my name is JAke and come from the usa . I am always wanted a penpal to either write to or e-mail.SO please if you want either I can wirte or e-mail you .thanks

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modify delete 21647 - Reply from Aileen (Ireland) - 2007-10-13

Hi Sébastien
Thank you for your reply. Yes I would definetly be interested in a group exchange as I am looking for penpals for my 32 students. t would be great for their english writing lessons. We will be unable to email letters due to lack of computers but would love to correspond by post as soon as possible. Let me know what you think.
Thank you

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modify delete 21634 - Reply from sébastien (France) - 2007-10-12

I am a member of the Prévert Primary School board, that is, I represent the parents'association there. I also run an English workshop once a week with my children's classes, as I am a high school teacher in English.
I am quite sure the kids at Prévert would love to write to foreign penpals (with some help from their teachers!), would you be interested in a group-to-group mail exchange?
If so, I hope to hear from you soon,
Best regards, Sébastien

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