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modify delete 19972 - from Lisa (Ireland) - 2007-07-16
Primary school : "Penpals wanted"

I teach 4th class in Dundalk in Ireland. There are 25 students in my class and we would like penpals from any country to correspond with throughout the year.

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modify delete 44236 - Reply from Manjula (Sri Lanka) - 2012-05-10

Hi, Lisa,

I'm Mrs. Manjula Yahampath, married with two children. both are girls. Elder daughter is 11 yrs and younger one is 9 years. So I would like my daughters to exchange letters with your school students. ( only girls ) . I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Manjula .

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modify delete 33847 - Reply from Liz (Canada) - 2010-03-22

Looking for snail mail pen pals for students ages 13 - 15.

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modify delete 32185 - Reply from Emel (Turkey) - 2009-10-24


First of all, I must say that I find Irish people so friendly. I am an English teacher in a primary school in Istanbul Turkey. I have students between 10-12 years olds. They like English and would be so happy to share things with their friends from other countries. If you are interested, please contact me. Thank you


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modify delete 32092 - Reply from Lynne (USA) - 2009-10-19

I am a teacher of fourth grade at Hollywood Elementary School in Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay. I have 24 students and we are interested in becoming pen pals with you. We have letters ready to mail if you are interested. I just need to know your school address for abroad packages. Email me your reply!

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modify delete 29833 - Reply from Chloe (China) - 2009-04-25

Hello,I am a 15 years old girl from China.I am a high school student.Can I be your student's penpal?I really wanna.Though I am not English native speaker,but I think my English is okay to communicate with them,and I also can teach them Chinese/

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modify delete 27092 - Reply from Catherine (France) - 2008-09-28

Hello, we are two teachers who would like to have penpals and also visopals because this year we have webcams in our classes & we are involved in a visioconference project. My workmate 's class is a 8 y.o class and my pupils are 9 y.o.
Waiting for some good news! bye bye

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modify delete 26695 - Reply from mr darko (Ghana) - 2008-09-11

iam samuel darko and a teacher whose pupil want penpals from ur class. hoping to co operate with u. reply soon mr/mrs

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modify delete 26694 - Reply from mr darko (Ghana) - 2008-09-11

iam samuel darko and a teacher whose pupil want penpals from ur class. hoping to co operate with u. reply soon mr/mrs

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modify delete 26611 - Reply from Nancy (USA) - 2008-09-08

I teach a class of fifteen mentally handicapped students who range in age from 11 to 14, but academically they are more like preschool to eight or nine years old. We are studying Ireland and would love to correspond with your class.

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modify delete 24658 - Reply from Matty (USA) - 2008-04-18

Hi, I'm Matty, I'm 10, and I would be more than happy to be penpals with one of your students

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modify delete 21483 - Reply from Dominique (France) - 2007-10-06


We are French pupils from Saint-Exupéry primary school in Talence next to Bordeaux. We are beginners in English (3 years of English learning) and we look for English-speaking pen friends. We are 24 pupils 9/11 years old in our Cm class, the last year of the junior level. We’ll go to the secondary school in next September.

We are living in south-west of France, next to Bordeaux (Gironde), in a kind area where there are many an varied landscapes: fluvial valley (Garonne and Dordogne rivers), calcareous plateau with caves, a long sandy coast with lot of dunes and pines forest, a very large estuary (la Gironde), a famous wine land, the biggest forest of Europe (Forêt des Landes). People has been living here for few hundred thousand years (prehistoric settlements).

Bordeaux is an old fluvial harbour on the Garonne river, near the Gironde estuary. It’s a very big town, it’s the capital of the Aquitaine region. More than 450 000 inhabitants are living into this built-up area.

Talence is a sub-urban town (30 000 residents about) in south of Bordeaux. We are living in a new district in south of Talence where they are big blocks of flats beside the highway and near the swimming-pool.

We should be pleased to start our project with postal mail or the net. It could be kind corresponding with you in English (or little bite French maybe…). If our suggestion is a bit difficult for your class, could you tell other school about this pen pal project ? Thank you very much.

Our projects areas are about:

Geography, History, Sciences, Citizenship, Heritage, Culture, Legends, Way of life… (we got in touch for few years with north American Natives) … We will work about the sea and the climates this year. We will sail during a week in spring in the Oleron island.

We hope for your reply and suggestions.


The CM2 class of Saint-Exupéry school and his teacher.

Mr Dominique MILLET

Postal address :

Ecole élémentaire Saint-Exupéry

Classe de Cm1 / Cm2

Rue Eugène Delacroix

33400 – TALENCE


e- mail :

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modify delete 20890 - Reply from vayia (Greece) - 2007-09-13

Hi!I'm an english teacher in the private sector and i would like my pupils to start using their english in real situations.If any of your students are interested in greek ones then they are welcome!I would appreciate an answer.

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modify delete 20863 - Reply from Nina (USA) - 2007-09-11

Hello my name is Nina Cleveland and my class is looking for pen pals. We have a class of about 29 children in the fifth grade. We are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the USA. We would love to hear from your class.

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modify delete 20523 - Reply from Nathalie (France) - 2007-08-21

Hi, My students are 10 years old, and I teach basic english, in a school in the North of France, close to Lille. I'm looking for penfriends for my class, to send letters, so that the children could know about english life, and write in english. Your students could learn about french way of life, and write in french, or in english!
Tnanks for answering me even if it's no!

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modify delete 20410 - Reply from antonio (Italy) - 2007-08-16

hello!i'm antonio and i'm 15. i'm from italy...i really love ireland and irish culture...morover dundalk is the birthplace of my heros, the corrs...
anyway...i'd really like to know irish students so...
anwer me as soon as possible

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modify delete 20233 - Reply from séverine (France) - 2007-08-02

Good evening Lisa
I'm a primary teacher in the north of France. I've got 26 students of ten and eleven years old learning english since two years. I'm looking for penfriends to have an exchange with my class to compare our way of life or how you work at school... If you are interested to write with us, tell it to me. good bye Séverine

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