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modify delete 19920 - from orapin (Thailand) - 2007-07-11
Primary school : "looking for English teacher volunteer"

I'm looking for someone who are interesting to get oversea experience
in Teaching English for the child and youth in the rural area at Suratthani
THAILAND. By support project of the Association of Create , non-profit,
government register.

After complete you will get certificate of us, Thai government garuntee.
Looking more information contact:

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modify delete 28336 - Reply from Al (USA) - 2008-12-20

I would love to volunteer as an English teacher! Though, I will admit, I do not have a college degree, this is not a barrier for me, as I have plenty of english experience from my writing abilities.

For the enjoyment of transferring knowledge from my heart to theirs is why I would like to volunteer. When an individual might come upon a crossroad, he or she will need to make a decision. Should they decide to make a choice that might not help them in achieving their heart's desire I may also be of help here as well. Due to the fact that most of my life's ambition has been that of learning what choice is the better choice, and what purpose is the purpose of yours or mine.

You can order a book of mine from online: , and I hope that something within these words might find a place in your heart that will pierce your decision for me.

A. W. Sheda
Country Area code(801) 776-1744

Until then, please enjoy a few poems by me:


There is a world in this great big universe
So glorious wonderful of treasures so beautiful
It is the home of our God and our Fathers
Prepared from creation to those who trust Him.
We shall meet one mystical day
When He shall lift that veil of uncertainties
And know as He is in His merciful heart
That all He wants for you and I
Is for us to be as He is
Treasures of love, unconditionally wise.


The omnipotence of God may not fully be understood
Yet, where there is love there is power
The omniscient of God may not fully be comprehendible
Yet, knowledge of self gives knowledge of God
The omnipresence of God may not fully be seen
Yet, the sight of God reveals less of ourselves
And while God is the Author of Life
You are His workmanship.

A Great Life

It must be nice to have such a great life
Care free, worry free
Nothing to distract the mind
But I have brothers and sisters
All over this land
Whose life could use a hand
And I'd rather not say they are helping hands
At least not ours to lend to them
For you see these brothers and sisters
Are our angels in disguise
Who lend their hands on our behalf
To mend our eyes though we think we see
To mend our ears though we think we hear
To mend our legs though we think we carry
To mend our soul though we think we're saint
To mend our lives, to love without worry
Because without the blind, without the lame
Without the deaf, without the mute,
Without the sick, without the diseased
Ours is not a great life - without them.

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modify delete 26233 - Reply from moussa (Senegal) - 2008-08-20

I'am a french teacher since1993 but i use french and english also that's why i want to try my luck with geeting this job and iam sure that i will be able to attempt my duties

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modify delete 22976 - Reply from fansou (Senegal) - 2007-12-23

je m'appelle fansou et je suis fier d'étre ton correspondant.

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