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modify delete 19265 - from Laurence (Thailand) - 2007-05-23
: "Wanted Snail Mail Pen friends"

I teach two classes of Grade 6 students who are desperate to find pen friends from anywhere in Europe to practise their English and learn about different cultures. Please e-mail me if you are interested

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modify delete 74560 - Reply from Margot (France) - 2013-05-27

Hello, My name is Margot i'm 20,
I work with children this summer, aged from 6 to 8 (they are 50)
We will play and work about the world, the other country, maybe also about their rights,
and we would like to exchange with other groups of children to open their minds.
They can maybe exchange drawings, are letters, i don't know when you're in holidays,
but if they can exchange during July it would be great !
Hope you understand, Thank you very much, hope you will ansmer.
have a good day !

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modify delete 36090 - Reply from Monika (Poland) - 2010-09-11

My name’s Monika and I'm a teacher of English in a primary school in Poland. I´m looking for pen pals for my students - from 10 to 12 year olds (or even younger). It would be great thing for us to practise English by exchanging e-mails or letters with your students. I'm sure we don't know many interesting things about your country and we’d really like to get to know them. We’re interested in values that are important for you, your daily routine, customs, likes and dislikes, dreams We’d like you to teach us some expressions in your native language Would you like to get to know some Polish words?  We could exchange drawings, photos, films or recipes of traditional food
I believe that this kind of adventure is a good way to motivate our students to learn English. Moreover, this could help them to develop the ability to recognize other cultures, accept them and respect differences. Are you interested?:)

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modify delete 32177 - Reply from jackson (USA) - 2009-10-24

Hi, my name is jackson and i am almost 10 years old. i am homeschooled by my mom. i live in the state of Florida in the U.S.A. i am looking for pen pals to help my learn about different cultures around the world.

thank you,


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modify delete 30909 - Reply from Audrey (France) - 2009-08-13

I'm a primary school teacher in France.
My students are 6 or 7 years old. They're going to learn english. I think it will be interesting for them to share their culture and leisures with other pupils in the world.
Are you interested?
Thanks for your answer.


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modify delete 28270 - Reply from Lenah (USA) - 2008-12-15


I have a world cultures club with kids from 9 - 11 years old in Falls Church, Virginia, USA, and we will soon begin sending "cultural packets" through the mail to countries around the world. We will be reading the book "Flat Stanley" which is about a boy that gets flattened to half an inch thick and then travels the world through the mail. We'd then like to make our own cardboard "Stanleys" dressed in clothing from our community with a little story about our lives in Falls Church and send them to other groups of kids around the world. We would love for your class to participate. We would hope that we would get the dolls back from you dressed in clothes from your town and with a story about daily life there. Please let me know if you would have any interest in this exchange.

Lenah Geer
Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

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modify delete 22745 - Reply from Heidi (USA) - 2007-12-07

We are two 6th grade classrooms in Hawaii that would love to have pen pals from Thailand. Would you be interested? My students are ages 11-12. I currently have about 49 students all together...

Heidi Salvador
6th grade teacher

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modify delete 20971 - Reply from celine (France) - 2007-09-14

My name is Céline and I teach English in France. My students (age 13-16) and I are looking for foreign friends to discover new cultures throug letters and videos. We'd love to establish a twiining with you. Please contact us!
Céline Malhouitre

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modify delete 19703 - Reply from stephanie (USA) - 2007-06-26


My name is Stephanie I am a 12 year old girl and I would like to correspond with your students. Thank you.

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