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modify delete 16683 - from DEIRDRE (Ireland) - 2007-01-08

Bonjour d'Irlande,
Je m'appelle Deirdre et je travaille dans une ecole primaire dans ia republique d'Irlande.C'est une petite ecole,52 eleves en totale!!
Nous cherchons des eleves en France qui voudraient corresponder avec des enfants irlandais,une sorte de jumelage des ecoles!
Contactez-nous si cela vous interesse,
Bonne Annee 2007,Deirdre

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modify delete 106450 - Reply from Valeriev (France) - 2015-08-10

Hi, I teach English in a private catholic primary school in Toulouse in the south of France we would love to correspond with a school in Ireland.

Valerie Garland

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modify delete 29748 - Reply from Patricia (France) - 2009-04-18

Hello from Paris. I am a woman who is very interested in your country.I would like to find an irish pen-friend and i think we could be friends via internet. I dont work as a teacher,alas, and cant help you in your search for pen-pals for your students. Hope to hear from you wishes.Pat

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modify delete 25180 - Reply from Alain (France) - 2008-06-08

I'm also seeking a correspondance with an Irish primary school. Next year, we are to start a new class project based upon the study of English and Irish sports. Three schools will take part in this ambitious project. Last month ,every school chose one sport among the three sports we had selected. As far as my class ( 10 years old) is concerned , that will be Gaelic football. We need to share information with Irish natives to see more clearly into the 'exotic' rules of this game. I also intend to draw parallels between France and Ireland in the field of school habits .
Our school is slightly bigger than yours ( 300 pupils) but this very difference could also be regarded as another source of motivation.

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modify delete 24117 - Reply from christel (France) - 2008-03-06

hello I am teaching English in primary school in South of France . I would be willingful to find a primary school in Ireland to correspond with my pupils and why not to make a travel exchange . If anyone is interested please let me know.
Christel Jearsain

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modify delete 21482 - Reply from Dominique (France) - 2007-10-06


We are French pupils from Saint-Exupéry primary school in Talence next to Bordeaux. We are beginners in English (3 years of English learning) and we look for English-speaking pen friends. We are 24 pupils 9/11 years old in our Cm class, the last year of the junior level. We’ll go to the secondary school in next September.

We are living in south-west of France, next to Bordeaux (Gironde), in a kind area where there are many an varied landscapes: fluvial valley (Garonne and Dordogne rivers), calcareous plateau with caves, a long sandy coast with lot of dunes and pines forest, a very large estuary (la Gironde), a famous wine land, the biggest forest of Europe (Forêt des Landes). People has been living here for few hundred thousand years (prehistoric settlements).

Bordeaux is an old fluvial harbour on the Garonne river, near the Gironde estuary. It’s a very big town, it’s the capital of the Aquitaine region. More than 450 000 inhabitants are living into this built-up area.

Talence is a sub-urban town (30 000 residents about) in south of Bordeaux. We are living in a new district in south of Talence where they are big blocks of flats beside the highway and near the swimming-pool.

We should be pleased to start our project with postal mail or the net. It could be kind corresponding with you in English (or little bite French maybe…). If our suggestion is a bit difficult for your class, could you tell other school about this pen pal project ? Thank you very much.

Our projects areas are about:

Geography, History, Sciences, Citizenship, Heritage, Culture, Legends, Way of life… (we got in touch for few years with north American Natives) … We will work about the sea and the climates this year. We will sail during a week in spring in the Oleron island.

We hope for your reply and suggestions.


The CM2 class of Saint-Exupéry school and his teacher.

Mr Dominique MILLET

Postal address :

Ecole élémentaire Saint-Exupéry

Classe de Cm1 / Cm2

Rue Eugène Delacroix

33400 – TALENCE


e- mail :

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modify delete 19531 - Reply from LAurent (France) - 2007-06-11

J'ai bien reçu votre message , ayant un garcon de 8 ans et souhaitant lui faire apprendre une autre langue et aussi de me mettre à l'anglais , je souhaite pouvoir créer avec les élèves de l'école de mon fils des échanges inter europe et apprendre à dialoguer . Comment pouvons nous faire si vous êtes interessés.

BONNOT Laurent et Maryse et leur fils.

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modify delete 19457 - Reply from Sabrina (France) - 2007-06-04

en espérant que cela ne soit pas trop tard, je réponds à ce mail car je recherche une classe de cette tranche d'âge afin de mettre en place une correspondance entre élèves dès la rentrée de septembre 2007. Merci de me répondre si vous êtes toujours intéressée. A bientot, Sabrina, enseignante en Normandie (Nord de la France)

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modify delete 18635 - Reply from GAELLE (France) - 2007-04-22

Hello, we are a french family with a daughter of 3 years, and we search a host family next DUBLIN for 5 nights " 18th to 23th of May 2007", unfortunatly hotels and B&B are too expensive for our family. That's why i send to you this email, if you can help us....
Best regard, Miss PERRET

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modify delete 17115 - Reply from Séverine (France) - 2007-01-29

Bonjour, j'ai une classe de 23 élèves de 9 à 11 ans et nous cherchons à correspondre et echanger nos cultures avec plusieurs pays du monde.
Notre école est située dans un petit village à une trentaine de km au sud de la Rochelle.

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modify delete 16722 - Reply from cécile (France) - 2007-01-10

Bonjour !
Je suis enseignante en CM1-CM2 (mes élèves ont 9 et 10 ans) en France dans un petit village près de Lyon. Je recherche des correspondants anglophones pour mes 25 élèves.
Si vous êtes intéressé(e), merci de prendre contact avec moi.
Cécile Berthéas

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