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modify delete 127493 - from Carrie (Thailand) - 2020-01-23
Primary school : "Looking for Penfriends"

Hello everyone

I'm an English teacher in Private Primary form Phuket, Thailand.

I'm looking for Penpals for my 21 students. They are 10-12 years old and we're learning about writing. Send me an email if you want to match and exchange letters or postcards with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Carrie, Thailand

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modify delete 127959 - Reply from Maryna (Ukraine) - 2020-06-29

My name is Maryna. I am an English teacher at one of Ukrainian primary and secondary schools and also run private English classes. My students are from 5 till 25 years old (sometimes even older). I am looking for other groups of students or teachers who are interested in students communication and doing different educational activities or projects. I am looking forward to hearing from any teachers or students from any country. I would be glad if we find some common interests in teaching our students. My email is
Best wishes,

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modify delete 127894 - Reply from Oliver (Hong Kong) - 2020-06-19

Hi, I work in a Primary School in Hong Kong and we are looking for international students for a penpal activity, to be conducted in English as that is the main language that our students are learning. Our students are aged 6-11, so if this works then let me know and we can organise a penpal activity!

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modify delete 127623 - Reply from Gerald (USA) - 2020-02-19

Hello. I am seeking penpals for senior citizens in the community that I live in. Many seniors are interested in sharing their cultures and lives and learning about others. Seniors and children always have a special bond as children can learn from their elders and the seniors can learn about the students lives overseas. Please contact me if interested

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modify delete 127553 - Reply from Connie (USA) - 2020-02-06

Hi! I am an After School Program assistant teacher and my 3rd-6th grade students (ages 9-13) are interested in exchanging letters and learning about different cultures from around the world. We are from a very small town in Idaho (300 people total) and love expanding our knowledge of the world. There are about 15 children in this group, please email me at if this is something your class would be interested in. Thank you in advance!

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modify delete 127540 - Reply from Simon (New Zealand) - 2020-02-03

Please give me an email on

I have a group of students who would love to exchange letters/emails

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modify delete 127517 - Reply from PERLA (USA) - 2020-01-30

Hi. I am a teacher and love the idea of having pen pals. I am currently working in a project with girls in 3rd grade (9-10 years old) who belong to a Girl Scout troop. We would love to connect with you so all girls can learn about our world through communicating with your kids. Thank you.

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modify delete 127506 - Reply from Anna (USA) - 2020-01-28


My daughter is nine looking for pen pals. If this would work for you I would love to arrange some exchanges, thank you!

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