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modify delete 126254 - from Elaine (Ireland) - 2019-08-29
: "Snail mail"

Hello from Ireland
I am a 6th class teacher of 28 eleven and twelve year olds. Our school is situated in a beautiful medieval town in the west of Ireland called Athenry. I would love to start a penpal exchange with children of the same age. I would be interested in snail mail mostly and would like someone who was willing to exchange letters once a month.
Thank you

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modify delete 128284 - Reply from Cecilia (France) - 2020-09-11 >> NEW

Bonjour, je m'appelle Cécilia et je suis enseignante dans une classe de 24 élèves en Normandie. Je réalise cette année un beau projet sur les solidarités et je souhaiterais que nous puissions correspondre avec des écoles anglophones paux 4 coins du monde. Je suis très intéressée par votre annonce qui pourrait être le départ d'une jolie correspondance entre nos deux classes. J'attends votre réponse avec impatience. Cordialement 😊

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modify delete 128240 - Reply from Jihène (France) - 2020-09-05

Hello! I am an English teacher from France and I have a group of 25 12-year-old students looking for penpals from the UK. I saw your add and was wondering if you might be interested?
My students have a beginner's level in English so I would love for them to discover Ireland through the eyes of other teenagers. Corresponding would be part of a unit to discover the UK and the Commonwealth.

You have my email in case you are interested :)

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modify delete 128173 - Reply from Jubilee (USA) - 2020-08-25

Hello! Due to the pandemic, my two children are learning from home. They are 11 & 12 and we live in Washington State. We live in a VERY small town and internet availability is practically non existent. So i have been trying to come up with ways to get them excited about other places and I thought a pen pal exchange would do them a world of good. Please, let me know if this is something we can do? Thank you!

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modify delete 128109 - Reply from Aleksandra Cabanilla (France) - 2020-08-13

Hello, Elaine.
I am English teacher in a primary school in France, city of Nîmes, I have one classe of 11 and 12 years old kids and we will be more than happy to correspond in English with your students. One letter per month would be perfect and we could start in September this year if you wish. My students will be happy to exchange small gifts and photos, they are very motivated and energetic.
If it works well we could even comme to Ireland and welcome you in France, it is such a dream for my students!
Thank you very much in advance and I hope to get in touch very soon
Kind regards

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modify delete 127727 - Reply from Anna (Russia) - 2020-04-02

How about communicating with Rusian students? My students will be happy!

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modify delete 127646 - Reply from Capucine (France) - 2020-02-29

Etudiante en 1ère année à l'IUT de Bordeaux, je recherche un stage d'un mois à Dublin, à Londres ou à la Valette dans tout établissement scolaire (ou toute entreprise)qui pourrait m'accueillir.Merci de votre réponse et de votre aide. Avez-vous des adresses, des contacts à me communiquer?

Possibilité d'établir un lien ou un partenariat éducatif avec un collège du Sud-Ouest de la France (académie de Bordeaux) pour développer un projet d'échange européen. Mon père est professeur d'histoire-géographie et a déjà réalisé plusieurs projets Erasmus avec la Pologne et la Lituanie.

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modify delete 127372 - Reply from John (USA) - 2019-12-23

My son (11) is looking for one pen pal from a different country to snail mail with!

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modify delete 127366 - Reply from Isabelle (France) - 2019-12-22

my name is Isabelle. I teach English in elementary and secondary school. We are desperately trying to find penfriends. We have created a blog where my kids present themselves on . The name of the school is Saint antoine. Every year I organise a trip to Ireland, around Galway and we'd love to chat with real Irish students. II hope you get this message and will be interested in our project.
My regards,

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modify delete 126825 - Reply from oberti (France) - 2019-10-28

are you always interested by pen pals?

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modify delete 126762 - Reply from Isabelle (France) - 2019-10-19

I'm Isabelle. I teach English in primary and secondary school. I'm looking fo penpals for my students from 8 to 13. We'd love to exchange mails and letters but also visit each other for real.

Thanks for your answer,

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modify delete 126754 - Reply from FLORIANNE (France) - 2019-10-18

I'm a teacher in cm1 cm2- 9 10 years old- in Aubervilliers: this is not the most beautiful city in the world, I confess but its inhabitants deserve to be known. And it's 800 meters from Paris.
I'd like my pupils to have Irish penpals.
Please, answer yes!

Sincerly yours

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modify delete 126569 - Reply from Kristina (Belarus) - 2019-09-21

Hi, Elaine! I'm quite interested in your proposal. We are from Belarus and are looking for pen pals from English-speaking countries. We are ready to tell about our country, language, culture, daily routine and many other interesting things. Also It's really interesting to learn something about your country (not from books or the Internet) and try our speaking skills.
I hope that you'll choose our students. I think it'll be a kind of great adventure for all.
Best regards, Kristina

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modify delete 126542 - Reply from Eva (Spain) - 2019-09-19

Hi Elaine! WE're a school in Barcelona and we're teaching year 6 kids. They're learning English as a foreign language and we'd love to do some kind of cultural exchange with videos, letters and whatever might come. Let us know if you are interested in such a plan. Thanks!

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modify delete 126488 - Reply from Anna Mea (Canada) - 2019-09-15

hi I have a class of 24 students from Montreal Canada. These are French speaking students studying English. If you are interested some students can write to 2 groups....I am open to email and snail mail too...

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modify delete 126411 - Reply from Jennifer (France) - 2019-09-08

Hello Elaine, I'm teaching English to a class of 10/11 year olds 10 hours a week. They'd love to exchange letters with a proper English speaking class. We also have a class trip planned for June to Dublin.
Look forward to hearing from you

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modify delete 126339 - Reply from Aurianne (France) - 2019-09-04

Hello Elaine !
I'm french teacher for 20 students aged 10/11 years old. We are looking for an other class to exchange letters for discovering an other country, others traditions … And Learning English of course !!! Once a month is perfect. We will be very happy if you decide to write us.
See you soon !

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modify delete 126315 - Reply from Magda (Spain) - 2019-09-02

Hi Elaine,
How are you? I have a class of 28 students of 6th grade aged 11-12 and we would like to exchange snail mail with you. Are you still available?
Best wishes,

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modify delete 126276 - Reply from Ludmila (Ukraine) - 2019-08-31

Hi, Elaine
I am a teacher of English from Ukraine, I've got a class of the same age and number of students. We'll be happy if you write to us :)
Here is my address:
Ludmyla Orel
vul. Shevchenko 61, kv.11
m. Oleksandriia
Kirovohradska Oblast
Contact me by e-mail if you're interested :)
Best wishes -

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