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modify delete 117124 - from Elaine (Ireland) - 2017-08-06
Primary school : "English speaking penpals for students from Ireland"

My name is Elaine and I am looking for penpals for my class of 34 students for the coming year from September to June.They are 6th class ranging in 11 to 12 years.All girls.I would prefer students fluent in English where the students can spend the year exchanging letters on a variety of themes from themselves to family ,school,town,country,traditions and enjoy learning about each others lives.
We will make little gifts and exchange photos of our activities in school during the year and I hope to explore and teach my students about their new penpals country and traditions.It would be lovely to even hook up later via computer.
Look forward to hearing from any school out there .
Thanks Elaine

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modify delete 121584 - Reply from Irene (Spain) - 2018-05-27

My school is looking for students to start a cultural exchange. Our school is located in Aguilas (Murcia), and our students are learning English. We would like to send them emails or travel and receive students. Are you interested?

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modify delete 120631 - Reply from Emma quyyum (Ireland) - 2018-01-24

Hi im lookin for a penpal(girl) for my daughter she is in 5th class and is a very shy child think this would be a great chance for her tp get to express herself and her likes tha ks

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modify delete 120023 - Reply from Courtney (USA) - 2017-11-27

I have two female students in fifth grade that want international penpals. I know that you were looking for a larger group, but if you could use two more or have two students in mind that I could connect with my students, that would be wonderful. The girls are in fifth grade and are 10 years old. One loves animals and the other loves sports. We live in a small village on the coast of the northeastern USA, in the state of Maine. Both of the girls excel at writing and storytelling.
Mrs. Weaver

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modify delete 119673 - Reply from Simonettqa (Italy) - 2017-11-08

Hi. I teach English in a Lower Secondary School in northern Italy, not far from Milan. I am interested in your project. I have two classes that can be involved. They are the first year of Middle school so they are aged 11-12. Telling in English about their everyday life, hobbies, likes and dislikes could be a brilliant way to use the language they study and discover something about other European citizens of their age. Apart English our pupils study French. A digital approach to the project would also be perfect.
Hope to hear from you soon and learn more details of the project.
Contact me at

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modify delete 119450 - Reply from Victoria (USA) - 2017-10-25


I am an instructional aid at Dartmouth Middle School. I have 15-18 students ages 11-14 who are looking for pen pals from around the world. We are ready to write our introduction letters now.

Thank you,

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modify delete 119300 - Reply from Rémy (Canada) - 2017-10-18

Hello. My name is Rémy and this year I have two groups of secondary 1 students (11-12 years old)who are in an international program. Their English is very good, however, as we are a school in Montréal, English is their second language. Most of them speak French (French school) and some others, another language at home. I would really like (as my students would too) have students from another school in Ireland to correspond with. I have been to Ireland when I was younger and it's a place I would love to go to in the future. Going back with my students would be really interesting too if you want to make it a long project (my students will stay in this international class for 5 years). I have already done a penpal project with people from Finland, USA, and Argentina. It would be a pleasure working with you in order for our students to improve on their English skills. Hoping to hear from you soon. Best regards. Rémy (English teacher, École secondaire Honoré-Mercier)

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modify delete 119265 - Reply from Kobi (USA) - 2017-10-17

Hello! I have a 6th grade boy who would love to have a penpal!! We live in Alaska and would love to hear back! thanks!

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modify delete 119136 - Reply from Ezgi (Turkey) - 2017-10-11

Hi My name is Ezgi, I am an English teacher from Turkey.I am looking forward penpals for my 22students from the 5th grade (9-11 age) If u want to exchange photos and videos please contact me.

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modify delete 119060 - Reply from Marquis (Belgium) - 2017-10-09

Dear Sir, Madam,

My name is Carine Marquis and I am the headmaster of a primary school in Saint-Sauveur, Belgium.
My French-speaking pupils are learning in English and would like to communicate with English-speaking penpals. They are between 6 and 12 years old.I have 6 classrooms.
Would any of your teachers be interested in this project?
Thank you for your consideration.
Kind regards, Carine Marquis
Headmaster of Keysschool Saint-Sauveur, Frasnes, Belgium

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modify delete 117908 - Reply from Amélie (France) - 2017-09-03

Hello Elaine,
Have you found a group of students for your project yet?
If not, feel free to contact me, I would be delighted to set up a corresponding project with you and your students! I teach English in a middle school in the South of France.
Let me know!
Best regards,

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modify delete 117545 - Reply from Karen (USA) - 2017-08-23

Hi Elaine,

I teach Global Studies at a school in Linthicum, Maryland, USA. I will have 3 classes of 5th graders who will be 10-11 years old. Each class will have about 30 students, so I'm sure I can pull out thirty-something girls to correspond with you. We are open to those things you mentioned, except we can't correspond through email. I see them once a week for an hour, so we'd be able to send things out every 1-2 months at the soonest. I'd love to try Skype or Google Hangout later on if the time difference isn't a problem. Hope to hear from you.


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modify delete 117414 - Reply from Clementine (France) - 2017-08-18


I am an English teacher in Paris (more precisely Boulogne-Billancourt) and am looking for an exchange between my students (age 11-12-13 years old) and English speaking students.
I teach in a catholic school and I have 3 classes of 11 year olds (able to exchange level A1-A1+) and 2 classes of 12-13 year olds. They are able to exchange level A2-A2+.
Thank you for your help!
Kind Regards,

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modify delete 117323 - Reply from sevim (Turkey) - 2017-08-14

Goodmorning I am writing yourself from istanbul. we look a native english speaking school who will exchange snailmails or via skype conversation like yourself.My school website is . My email is I hope We talk further on return. Look forward to hearing from you Kind Regards Sevim Simpson

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modify delete 117208 - Reply from Sevim (Turkey) - 2017-08-10

Hello from istanbul
Will you be interested to do with you programme istanbul school in Turkey.This is sevim simpson
and this year we are searching English speaking classroom network worldwide.If you are interested please let us know. Email

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