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modify delete 116241 - from paul (Thailand) - 2017-06-01
Primary school : "Pen friends from Thailand"

Hi, Penfriends from the uk or ireland required. Would anyone be interested in sending my students a penfriend letter? They are of Thai nationality, age between 7 and 10 boys and girls. I am doing a project for them to find new friends in the UK and to write a letter and correspond in English. Many thanks,

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modify delete 120346 - Reply from Laura (USA) - 2017-12-29

Hello everyone,

My name is Laura and I'm writing to you about my daughter Lily who is currently looking for a pen pal. She'll be 9 years old this coming February and has traveled through some of the eastern region of the US and has lived in 3 different states. She studies her map constantly and wonders about traveling and different cultures. She's always received A's in all of her classes. She would very much like to have a pen pal, please let me know if one of your students would like to correspond with her.

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modify delete 117934 - Reply from Glen (Great Britain) - 2017-09-03


Are you still looking for UK penpals?


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modify delete 116343 - Reply from Louie K. Mendy (Gambia) - 2017-06-15

Hello please am very interested to work with u. I am teaching grade 5 and there between 11 to 12 years. please u can contact me on my email:

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modify delete 116255 - Reply from paul (Thailand) - 2017-06-02

Hi many thanks for your interest, could you please send me your email, or reply to my email which is as follows.

regards Paul

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modify delete 116249 - Reply from Ashleigh (USA) - 2017-06-02

Hi! we are not in the UK but speak English. I'm a camp director and looking for my kids to have a pen pal for the summer. We'd be interested in your class if your interested in us!

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