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modify delete 115351 - from Daniella (Thailand) - 2017-02-03
Primary school : "Pen Pal Letter Exchanges from Mae Chan, Thailand"


I am a second grade English teacher in Mae Chan, Thailand. This town is very small and would truly benefit from letter exchanges from different parts of the world.

There are about 20 students in my class and they are currently practicing how to handwrite a proper letter.

I hope someone is interested in this!

Please email me if you are interested or have any questions.


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modify delete 125578 - Reply from Katrina (USA) - 2019-04-12

I have a second grade class in the United States. I am looking to have pen pals from another country. I have about 18 students and would love to exchange letters with your class

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modify delete 124695 - Reply from Beata (Poland) - 2018-11-12

Hi, I am an English teacher from Poland. I teach 20 students aged 10-11.If you would like you and your pupils to write e-mails with us, please let me know.

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modify delete 120123 - Reply from NASSIMA (France) - 2017-12-07

Hello, I am a teacher in a French primary school. If you are still looking for a foreign school with whom to correspond, please do not hesitate to contact me. See you soon, I hope. Nassima

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modify delete 115740 - Reply from Sophie (New Zealand) - 2017-03-16

Hi Daniella,
I have a class of 18 6 year olds - are your second graders similar in age?

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modify delete 115539 - Reply from myriam (France) - 2017-02-21

I am a french teacher in France and i'm looking for a letters exchange from different part of the world. My pupils would have different question about houses, food, dresses, etc. Would you like to write about it? We could exchange somme 'collectiv letters" from our classes (my pupils are 7-9 years old. Thank you!

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modify delete 115428 - Reply from Tanya (USA) - 2017-02-08

Sorry about the last message. For some reason it got cut off.
Any how we would love to get together and exchange penpals. We live here in the USA and are excited to learn about other cultures, while brushing up on our writing skills. My email is

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modify delete 115427 - Reply from Tanya (USA) - 2017-02-08

Hello Daniella,

I just read your post on the site. I will be startimg a pen pal group with my school in a couple weeks. We wluld

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