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modify delete 114733 - from paulina (Greece) - 2016-12-07
: "Greek Students aged 11-13"

My students would like to exchange letters with other students in order to improve their English. They would prefer to talk about their culture, habits etc.

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modify delete 125047 - Reply from Touyer Meryem (Morocco) - 2018-12-23

I'm a teacher of English from Morocco. I teach pupils aged 12/14.I would like to work with your school. If you are interested in my emai,please answer me as soon as possible.

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modify delete 124571 - Reply from Anna (Russia) - 2018-11-03

Hello from Russia!
My name is Anna and I’m an English teacher. My students would love to communicate with kids from other countries. There are students about 11-14 years old. They know Russian, speak Chuvash languages (we live in Chuvash Republic) and learn English. It would be great to exchange letters and e-mails.
We are looking forward to your answer! Anna

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modify delete 122962 - Reply from Kim (USA) - 2018-08-22

Hi, I would like to exchange letters, and my students are ages 12-14. We live in North Carolina in the US.
Let me know if you are interested.


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modify delete 117519 - Reply from Brittany (USA) - 2017-08-22

I am a teacher in the 6th grade in North Carolina,USA. Age 11-13. We are looking for pen pals in the regions we are learning about this year.

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modify delete 117055 - Reply from janie (USA) - 2017-08-03

I am a teacher in California and this is exactly what I was looking for also. I would love for kids to get to talk to your kids and learn about their culture and also learn social skills. Please get back to me soon I would love for this to start happening.

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modify delete 114786 - Reply from paulina (Greece) - 2016-12-14

My students are more or less 15. I cannot find more, but I am happy to work with you!
I would prefer if we started a letter before christmas becase they will have sth to look forward to!
Let me know!

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modify delete 114773 - Reply from Aline (France) - 2016-12-14

Hi!I teach English in a French middle school. With our 6th grades (11-12 years old), we try and write a letter to a foreign penpal to introduce ourselves. We have approximately 125 pupils , in 5 classes.
How many pupils do you have? Would you be interested? We could do more than one letter, but see as it goes.
If you don't have enough pupils, we can work with a lesser number of classes.
Maybe we can start when we're back from the holidays.
please let me know.
Best regards

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