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modify delete 110314 - from Sallie (Ireland) - 2016-02-29
: "Irish school looking for French 12-14 years old penfriends"

We are looking for French speaking penfriends for a class of 28 students (girls and boys). Ideally we would like to send actual physical letters via the school if possible.

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modify delete 128286 - Reply from Cecilia (France) - 2020-09-11 >> NEW


Looking to establish an english exchange with other school in Ireland. I have 24 pupils in my classroom . We live in Normandy 😊Enjoy read you soon

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modify delete 126766 - Reply from Isabelle (France) - 2019-10-19

I'm Isabelle. I teach English, in the South of France, in primary and secondary school. I'm looking fo penpals for my students from 8 to 13. We'd love to exchange mails and letters but also visit each other for real.

Thanks for your answer,

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modify delete 124492 - Reply from Malika (France) - 2018-10-29

Hi! My name is Malika and I'm teaching in a school in the south of France ( French Riviera). I would love to find Irish Penfriends for my students aged 11-15 yrs.The idea would be for them to communicate by letter. If you are personally interested or if you know a teacher who would like to find French penpals, please contact me (
Thank you.

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modify delete 122504 - Reply from Myriam (France) - 2018-07-12

I'm a teacher of English in a French private school in Paris. We are looking for penfriends to exchange with Irish pupils. I’ve a class of 32 pupils aged between 13 and 14. They are very motivated.

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modify delete 122099 - Reply from Claire (France) - 2018-06-13

I teach English in a high school in the South West of France, between La Rochelle and Bordeaux. We are looking for Irish penfriends for a group of 20 students (girls and boys) aged 13 to 14. We would also like to send actual physical letters via the school if possible.

We are very interested and motivated to start next September. Let me know if anything is possible.
Best regards

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modify delete 121018 - Reply from DIENEBA (France) - 2018-03-01

A french school is looking for a twinning project with a school in Ireland. Would you be interested?
Best regards

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modify delete 120858 - Reply from Myriam (Belgium) - 2018-02-17

Dear colleague, I'm an Esl teacher in Belgium. I have classes in 1st and 2nd year (13/14) at secondary school in the French speaking part of Belgium. Like you I'd like to get my students practice in real life motivating situation. Please, contact me. Sincerely, Myriam

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modify delete 119867 - Reply from Desormes Stéphanie (France) - 2017-11-19

`Hi Sally
I teach English in a French Middle school. I'd be very interested in setting up an exchange with Irish students. I work near La Rochelle. Let me know if you're still interested. Thanks Stéphanie

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modify delete 118546 - Reply from annie (France) - 2017-09-21

Hi Sallie,
RU still looking for a French school? If so, do contact me, I'd love to find penpals for my pupils aged 11/12.

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modify delete 117341 - Reply from agnès (France) - 2017-08-15

Hello !
I'm from France in the centre of Paris a very nice school and I teach English to 13-15 years old students (=classe de 3ème en collège et 4ème ). I would like to find penpals for my future students, for September 2017, if possible either in the US, Canada or Australia or South Africa(as these countries are studied all year long)
The idea is to find a penpal for each student (there will be 25 or 32 students in my four classes).
The exchange will be made via both emails and snail mail (so as to make students study the format of a letter/postcard and improve their use of internet). This project includes collective emails/letters and individual exchange.
Themes of writing can be : the educational system (similarities and differences ; school uniform, if any), habits and ways of life, discovering another culture (traditional bank holidays, music...)

I'm opened to any other suggestions to complete the mail/letter exchange. If anybody is interested, please let me know !

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modify delete 116669 - Reply from Marie (France) - 2017-07-09

Hi Sallie!

I'm teaching english to students aged 11-15 years old. We would love to correspond with other students and learn about a different culture. Would it be possible to imagine my students writing in english to your students so that they can improve their english and yours would reply in French to mine?
The aim of this corresponding project would be to help them understand how useful languages are when you want to discover the world and meake new friends.
Let me know if you're still interested, I could start as soon as september 2017.

110314 -
modify delete 116516 - Reply from Marjorie (France) - 2017-07-01

I am an English teacher in a French private school in Oise and would like t have more information concerning this exchange.


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modify delete 115192 - Reply from Christian (France) - 2017-01-22

Hi, a french "collège" would be interested in finding penpals in Ireland, maybe exchange students later on either private or through the two schools ... Thanks for ...

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modify delete 114799 - Reply from Radhia (France) - 2016-12-16

Would you be interested in an exchange between our schools in 2017?
I teach in a secondary school in Aix-les-Bains,France. Our lovely town is famous for its lake, mountains and spa. I teach English to pupils aged 12 to 14, eager to learn, share and travel abroad. They would love to discover Ireland and its culture!
If interested please contact me.
Best regards,

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modify delete 113776 - Reply from Jalila (France) - 2016-10-09

I am an English Teacher in the North-East of France and I have pupils of year7, 8 and 9. We would be really happy to exchange with your pupils. I have plenty of ideas, please let me know if you're still interested, we can send our letters first, no pb.

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modify delete 113492 - Reply from Amandine (France) - 2016-09-28

Hello ! I'd be interested in correspond with your class. I've children from 5 to 11 years old as I'm doing english lessons for all of them !

I'd be very pleased to be your penpal class for this year,

With regards,


110314 -
modify delete 113459 - Reply from Lucie (France) - 2016-09-27

My name is Lucie and I teach English in France, near Toulouse.Are you still looking for penpals? I teach to 2 classes of 25 students each.
Let me know if you'd like to work with us !

110314 -
modify delete 112306 - Reply from gaelle (France) - 2016-08-22

Hello, I am an English teacher in France. I am looking for penpals for my students. Are you still looking for penpals ?

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modify delete 111345 - Reply from Lucie (France) - 2016-06-24

My class would be interested To correspond with students from ireland. Our school is located near Toulouse, in the south of France. What's the name of your school ?

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modify delete 110750 - Reply from André (France) - 2016-04-23


In France, the equivalent school for student being 12/14 years old is called "College".

During the first year of "College", student start to learn their first foreign language, generally English.

May I suggest you to contact the "college" of Beynes (My city)
Collège François Rabelais
Val des 4 Pignons,
78650 Beynes -France-
Téléphone :00 33 1 34 91 00 91
E-mail :
web site :

Good luck

Best regards


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modify delete 110450 - Reply from Aurelie (France) - 2016-03-12

I'm an English teacher in France. I'm looking for Irish penfriends. My students are between 11 and 13. (30 students : boys and girls). We would be delighted to exchange letters with you.

110314 -
modify delete 110437 - Reply from Sallie Ennis (Ireland) - 2016-03-10

I'm sorry but we have found a partner but unfortunately I can't work out how to delete my post!

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modify delete 110431 - Reply from AGNES (France) - 2016-03-10

Im looking for a school to start a partnership this year . We could exchange letters and emails and have a chool exchange next year. We have already had an exchange with Spain, Sweden and Germany and we'd like to have one with an English speaking country . We are in the centre of Paris .Let me know if you are interested.

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modify delete 110372 - Reply from MICHELE (France) - 2016-03-05

I'm looking for a school to start a partnership in 2017 . We could exchange letters and emails this year to start with. My school is in Normandy.

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modify delete 110358 - Reply from basile (Ghana) - 2016-03-04

Salut,je suis interessé par votre message.Mon nom et prénom est Bless Joseph SAGUINTAAH

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modify delete 110353 - Reply from Sophie (France) - 2016-03-04

Dear Sallie,

I teach English in a school in Brittany in the West of France and I would be happy to have my pupils exchange letters with English-speaking pupils. We could write in English and you could answer in French if you want.
There are 20 11/12-year-old pupils in my class. Some of them could have 2 penfriends.

Best regards,


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