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modify delete 107330 - from Päivi (Finland) - 2015-09-03
: "Penpals"

Hello everyone!
I am an English teacher in Finland and my pupils are 10-12 years old. It would be nice to find some penpals to my pupils to improve their English. (or Swedish, that´s their another foreign language.

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modify delete 127971 - Reply from Anna (Denmark) - 2020-06-30

I’m Anna. Are you still interested in penpals abroad?
I teach two classes of 5th graders in Denmark.
I’m looking for penpals for email correspondin/skype meetings about topics such as daily life, hobbies, holiday stories, music, dreams etc.

Let me know if you are interested.

Kind regards,

Anna Gretchen Øris Olesen
Lind Skole

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modify delete 109451 - Reply from Marie-Hélène (France) - 2015-12-01

I am a teacher in France. I have 26 students aged 10-11 years. We have a project : to communicate with students from different countries to learn about their customs.
See you soon
I hope

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modify delete 108769 - Reply from Meghan (USA) - 2015-10-24

Are you still looking for pen pals? I have two English classes of 11-12 year olds who would love to correspond!

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modify delete 108557 - Reply from Katarina (Slovakia) - 2015-10-16

Hello, I am an English teacher from Slovakia. My pupils are 12-15 years old and we are looking for some penpals. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you, have a nice day. Katy

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modify delete 108261 - Reply from canan (Turkey) - 2015-10-03

Hello ,
My name is Canan, I am a teacher from Turkey, and looking for pan pals between the age of 10- 11 , please do contact us if you are still interested

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modify delete 108089 - Reply from Paulina (Greece) - 2015-09-26

Hi! What level are they? I have 8 students B1 level...

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modify delete 107753 - Reply from giulia (Italy) - 2015-09-14

Hi! I am an English teacher in Rome, Italy! I have 2 classes of 11 years old students. in one class there are 28 students, in the other one there are 27. We'd love to write letters more than snailmails, but both are fine!

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modify delete 107604 - Reply from Catherine (Canada) - 2015-09-09

I teach English as a second language in Canada. My students are aged 10 to 12 years old. I have no experience in correspondance projects but I would like to give it a try. Contact me if you're interested.

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modify delete 107495 - Reply from clizia (Italy) - 2015-09-06

I teach in Italy near Venice in two classes of children aged 10, let me know if interested.

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modify delete 107441 - Reply from Sylviane (France) - 2015-09-05


I am a teacher working in Corsica.
I would like to find penfriends for my class : I have 21 pupils 10/12 years old.
They started to learn english 3 years ago.

We could exchange about our culture and traditions and this would be a great opportunity to improve our skills in english.

Many thanks by advance for your reply

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modify delete 107331 - Reply from Fran (France) - 2015-09-03

Hello ! We are 16 age 9/10. our school is in a village in Normandy, north west of France.
We're not excellent in english... but we try :)It'll be fun if you accept us as penfriends.

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