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modify delete 10675 - from Transfamilia (Ireland) - 2006-06-22
: "Message to foreign language teachers"

Hi, We are Our purpose is to help teenagers to find host families in which they'll be able to spend a few weeks to a few months to learn a foreign language. If you feel this is of interest to your students or their families, please direct them to our site. All the families we propose are registered Transfamilia members. All Transfamilia families have a teenage child of their own, and all are volunteer to either send their own kid abroad and/or host a foreign teen. They are not paid to host. Registration on the site are free. So are searches for matching families. We are looking for english speaking host families too. So if you feel your students could be interested, direct them or their parents to our site. For more info: Regards,

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modify delete 103748 - Reply from Elisa Huet (France) - 2015-05-19

Bonjour Madame,
Je suis une élève de seconde au Lycée de la Vallée de Chevreuse à Gif sur Yvette près de Paris,j'ai 15 1/2 ans, et je recherche pour cet été la possibilité de faire un échange dans une famille avec une jeune fille de mon age.
Je serai très contente de pouvoir venir en Irlande 2 semaines au mois de Juillet dans une famille pour perfectionner mon anglais, et recevoir ma correspondante dans ma famille 2 semaines également à partir du 15 Aout.
Je vous remercie à l'avance de pouvoir trouver parmi vos élèves une jeune fille qui souhaite faire un échange.
Bien sincèrement, Élisa HUET

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modify delete 43228 - Reply from carla (Germany) - 2012-02-01

I loved reading your note. It's exactly what we are looking for. We are constantly looking for direct exchange possibilities, in which students only have to pay transportation costs and pocket money. We have several possibilities to host foreign students here with families at our school and we are looking for families willing to host our students overseas. My high school students are German (Ulm, Germany) and all have been learning English since their primary years. They are all very eager to have the chance to practice what they have been learning.

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modify delete 23063 - Reply from Nelly (France) - 2007-12-29

Some of my students would be very interested.Let me know if you have some information for their families.We are in Central Britanny (Loudéac) and Breton families are very willing to offer such an enriching experience to their children.

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modify delete 21825 - Reply from upali (Sri Lanka) - 2007-10-24

I am very much interested in your organisation and would like to help you as a hosting family in Sri Lanka and as a Teacher of English I would be able to help to excchange youths to give them some knowledge about different cultures. Hope to hear from you to have a better understanding. Yours faithfully, Upali

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modify delete 19817 - Reply from montse (Spain) - 2007-07-04

Hello! I´m looking for a host family in Ireland. I´m travelling with my son, who is 5,and I would like to find a family with a boy of the same age so that they may become friends and visit each other in the future.Thank you

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modify delete 17487 - Reply from daniela raho (Italy) - 2007-02-19

Istituto S. Girolamo Emiliani
Daniela Raho
Via Pace 24
S. Stefano T. (mi)
20010 Italy

19 february 2007

Dear collegue,

I'm an Italian teacher and the purpose of this letter is to request you
partner with our school. My school is a private middle school in Corbetta
,25 km from Milan, in the northern part of Italy. I was wondering if you
would be interested in setting up an E-pal scheme so that your pupils can
learn more about Italian culture. We could do this via email. I will open
this to students from 11 to 14. Do you have any pupils who would be
interested in participating in this project?

My name is Daniela Raho and I am an English teacher at the Istituto S. G.
Emiliani in Corbetta (a small and fashinating town ) in Italy.

Our experience is that our Italian students have all been very enthusiastic
about the idea of an Epal scheme we started with a small group with a
school in England.

I hope you will get into contact with me soon, so we can get together and
organise it.
I'm also really interested to learn more about your proposal.

You can send me an email :

Kind regards,
Daniela Raho

school Email:

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modify delete 11794 - Reply from abdoulaye tanou (Senegal) - 2006-08-13

a mistake not god but good place.thank you .

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modify delete 11793 - Reply from abdoulaye tanou (Senegal) - 2006-08-13

hello people of God please help me to get a god place.

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modify delete 11792 - Reply from abdoulaye tanou (Senegal) - 2006-08-13

im from senegal,student at the university of dakar in my first year in english and i'm looking for foreign university to better my english and to get more knowledge about the world .thanks.

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