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modify delete 102804 - from VERO (Finland) - 2015-01-25
Middle school : "looking for English speaking penpals"

Hello every body!

I'm teaching in a college in the South of France. I'm looking for penpals for my 2 classes of year 8 (12-13 years old). We can write mails, exchange about everything you want, and why not, organize trips to both our countries! That's why, in this case, anywhere in Great Britain would be the best. Yet we're of course open to any other English speaking country around the world!
Let me know if you're interested.

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modify delete 117076 - Reply from James (Great Britain) - 2017-08-05

I am a trust of KIMS Neema Academy of Kenya Nairobi. Am looking for penapaals under 13 years of age to uplift their skills in English and if possible to have exchange program. I live in UK but I always go to Kenya twice or three times a year to visit the School.

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modify delete 116502 - Reply from isaac (Ghana) - 2017-06-29

a headmaster in my school in Ghana and I teaches children of age 10-12 English. will want to partner with your children to exchange letters.

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modify delete 112822 - Reply from Mariana (USA) - 2016-09-08

Hello, my son Daniel Blas (11) is willing to have a pen-pal friend, we live in Colorado (USA), his e-mail is

Please cc me in the first exchange,

Thank you, Mariana.

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modify delete 111823 - Reply from Nader (Tunisia) - 2016-07-27

Nous disposons actuellement d'une garderie scolaire pour les niveaux allant du primaire au collége et nous optons pour le lancement d'une école primaire et secondaire privée selon un systéme éducatif européen pour cela je viens vers vous par cette idée vû que ton annonce m'a attiré et elle me semble interessante .
Dans l'attente de vous lire je vous souhaite une bonne réception.

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modify delete 110274 - Reply from Jamie (USA) - 2016-02-22

Are you still looking for pen pals? I teach 6th graders in California (25 of them) and would like to connect them with students from another country.

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modify delete 107754 - Reply from giulia (Italy) - 2015-09-14

Hi! I am an English teacher in Rome, Italy! I have 2 classes of 11 years old students. in one class there are 28 students, in the other one there are 27. We'd love to write letters more than snailmails, but both are fine!

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modify delete 103518 - Reply from nurudeenzakari (Ghana) - 2015-04-22

hi, my name is nurudeen zakaria, a 22 yr old guy, i would be very happy if you provide me with the space to cover the above mentioned job that of your great institution.....hop to hear frm u soon.thanx.

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modify delete 103013 - Reply from Larisa (Russia) - 2015-02-17

Hello! I am the teacher of English from Russia. It would be nice to organise joint projects for our students. We are active and open to any ideas.
If you are interested, write me a mail
bests, Larisa

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modify delete 102912 - Reply from seda (Turkey) - 2015-02-08

Hi! ý'm SedA from Turkey in Antalya.I' M working for an elementary school as an English teacher.My students eager to have penfriends from other countries so ý wonder if your students are interested to be their penpals.MY e-mail is

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modify delete 102834 - Reply from SOUCHON (France) - 2015-01-28

Hi Angie!

You don't have many students and I have 40 in year 8 for whom I would like to have a penpal each for regular correspondance. Yet I have another class of 17 students who are not very good in English and in school in general. It's a "special class" where we try to help them overcome their dificulties and get a job quite rapidly through aprenticeship.They are around 13-14 years old. Nice kids though, who would be so proud to have penfriends from the States! I won't need one for each and we could do a collective work, sharing on our school systems, cultures, hobbies, etc. Would that be OK for you? Let me know!
Hope to read you soon!

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modify delete 102828 - Reply from Angie (USA) - 2015-01-27

I work for an after school program and we are looking to pen pal with other countries and learn new cultures. I currently have about 8 to 12 students four nights a week. I am hoping we can work something out for the future to get my students more involved. Hope to hear from you soon.

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