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modify delete 18336 - from Abigail (United States ) - 2019-11-19
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Hi um I have a problem so I created my account/add whatever you want to call it and I made a password I even wrote it on a piece of paper so I wouldnt forget it i also signed up with a email so if I forgot I could just use that if I did forget it here is the problem
I went to my mailbox to check my messages I typed the password and it said it wasn't right :| so I clicked forgot password even though I had the password on a piece of paper so I wouldnt FORGET and I typed my gmail I did that 2 weeks ago and I didn't get anything for a week so I did it again I did it a week ago still nothing I typed the right gmail and everything does anyone else have this problem? I its terrible and I can't make new friends :''''( I am in tears I messaged the creator but the address wasn't found this is really frustrating and if I get this message through I will be shocked and amazed :((

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