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modify delete 18307 - from Sofia (Italy) - 2019-07-05
Others : "Do you care about the environment and the climate change?"

Nowadays we often hear about the climate crisis. What do you think? In your opinion, it exists or not? Are we in danger? What can we do to save our beautiful planet? What can we do in our daily lives?

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modify delete 18327 - Reply from Guillaume , 24 y.o. (France ) - 2019-10-15

For me it is the End of humanity, it's too late but don't worry if we will all die the earth will only be better. If we want to save the Earth we must die.

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modify delete 18320 - Reply from Ethan , 16 y.o. (South Africa ) - 2019-09-07

Hi Sofia,
I do believe that climate change does exist. I believe it is a natural process the world goes through every few thousand years, but mankind is making the process worse and quickening the effects of it. If you look at the climatic history of the world, you'll see periods of time where the temperature has dropped significantly (e.g Ice Ages) and periods of time where the temperature is very high this caused the global climate to change. With the emission of green house gasses, over population, habitat destruction, over fishing/ hunting, etc. this process has become a lot more severe in a much shorter time frame. Which in turn doesn't allow species to adapt to these changes. so climate change is a major issue and it does need to be addressed.

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modify delete 18315 - Reply from Juline , 18 y.o. (France) - 2019-08-27

Yes I'm very concerned about it, we can notice that it is really a fact in our daily life… I live in the campain, there are less insects, less birds, températures are heater than never… We had snow, and one Week later very hot températures… Yes of course it is real, and there are things we can do to help: buy less useless things, less plastic, less clothes, Don't throw what can be reused, do the #trashtag challenge, on he internet, you can find a lot of actions! But everybody has to do it, Don't let other people do it for you, Everybody shall ACT!

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