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modify delete 18302 - from Rebekah , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2019-07-01
Others : "God is real! Here is my proof!"

If God does not exist why are you here? Why is Earth here? Do you really believe that everything happened by chance? It takes a lot more faith to believe in a world created by chance than created by an All-Powerful, loving g
God. Think about the complex way the human body works. Or the way the moon pulls the tide. I know bad things happen but everything works for good. God uses bad things for good.

I have waaaaayyyy more proof, just ask.
If you want to believe in Jesus I'll help you, just ask.

18302 -
modify delete 18310 - Reply from Elijah (Togo) - 2019-07-09

God is real, and only People that seek him find his ways

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