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modify delete 18289 - from Anakin (USA ) - 2019-05-16
Society : "Is god real"

Is god real or not and which one is if god is real.

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modify delete 18306 - Reply from Eléonore , 15 y.o. (France) - 2019-07-04

I think that God is just an invention of humans to reassure themselves. But it's not a "good" or a "bad" thing : if this belief can help them, all is okay ! For me, there is only a problem when somebody want to impose his "god" to others because for him he is the "best". Sometimes, this behavior leads to "just" disputes but unfortunately, it can lead to wars… But the "problem" is more deep : it's the urge to always be right… An other debate ^^

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modify delete 18301 - Reply from Anna (France) - 2019-06-26

For me, it's not a question. God is real. He is the master of all, and he likes you more than everything you can imagine.

Believe in god, it's just a feeling; but what happiness and love he can bring to you !!!!!
I know, it seems a little weird but I promise that : it is real.

If you aren't sure, talk with a young priest, or with a young catholic (who really believe !)
It's a reality, take your chance !

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modify delete 18295 - Reply from Alexis (United States) - 2019-05-26

Hi Anakin! Your question is a very controversial one. A lot of people all over the world believe in different things to the point where there is no right answer. We do not know if any Gods are real from a scientific point of view. However, some people believe that God is very much real, and that is okay. Religion and believing in a god is a guide for people to be nice and live happily. For the people who don't believe, that is okay too. It's up to you whether you want to believe in a God or not. I hope this helps.

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