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modify delete 18264 - from bella (uk) - 2019-03-05
Society : "Independant Scotland"

Hi my name is Bella i believe in an independent Scotland. The SNP party is over all superior and is the best party to vote for so come to Scotland to become a citizen to vote for the best political party.

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modify delete 18305 - Reply from dong hun , 30 y.o. (S.KOREA) - 2019-07-04

The Scottish province history of Britannia (Great Britain) and the fact that it is culturally different from England is true.
Nevertheless, it is doubtful whether Scotland will be able to successfully become self-reliant when it comes to the benefits and damages it would have if it were fully independent of international affairs ...
Would not it be better to have more local authority and autonomy?
Of course, this is a viewpoint of foreigners, I like Scottish independence in historical content.

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modify delete 18296 - Reply from Dolores (United Kingdom) - 2019-06-07

The Scottish Parliament already enjoys primary legislative powers so Scotland has already been granted a lot of independent decision-making, enabling policies such as the elimination of university tuition fees. Brexit surely has created issues as Scotland voted differently from the rest, but it’s unsure whether there would be a second referendum and whether Brexit would be carried out. Independence was rejected in the 2014 referendum, and if there’s another referendum it will lead to even more chaos and divisions. Scotland would lose its social-economic status in the world if it breaks free from the rest of the UK.

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modify delete 18265 - Reply from Ali (Turkey) - 2019-03-10

Scotland = the UK, Scottish people are Britons. Nationalism is a prejudice.

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