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modify delete 18217 - from Abigail , 15 y.o. (Hawaii) - 2018-09-11
Others : "I have a problem that I need solved for me!"

So, last year, I really liked this boy, and his name is Mateo. He really liked me too. We loved chatting, and talking. I always laughed at everything he said. He is hillarious, popular, athletic, nice, cute, and his family is rich!!!!! My best friend Morgan kinda got involved, and then she bacame friends with him, but ALL they talked about was me and him. She only talked to him about me (She wanted us to get together) At the end of the school year, Morgan moved away to Tennessee. She still kept in contact with Mateo. I still kept in contact with him too. But, I got really depressed over the summer, I missed her so bad! So did he. So, when we returnde back to school, we were both different people. we acted different, and kinda drifted apart from eachother. I'm really sad, because, I liked him so badly! I was in love.

Let me clarify something: Morgan and Mateo did not like eachother!!!

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modify delete 18279 - Reply from Allie (United states) - 2019-04-23

You could find a new friend, one similar to your old one. Or, you could work on being more attractive towards your crush.

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modify delete 18218 - Reply from Lillian , 14 y.o. (USA) - 2018-09-12

Um...I don't understand what the problem is.

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