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modify delete 18139 - from Abram , 16 y.o. (usa) - 2018-04-04
Society : "Is Islam Dangerous?"

Greetings debaters!

I am beginning a new thread to discuss Islam because it is a new subject that shouldn't be discussed on the already packed thread "Guns Prohibition." Guns prohibition should be discussed on that thread, not Islam. But I encourage everyone to have a look at that thread, for that is where the debate on Islam began, and you can contribute to the buns prohibition debate.

I am not reposting all of the relevant excerpts from the Quran because that would take two more messages due to the 8000 character per message limit, and those excerpts are easily accessible on the "guns prohibition" thread. Please read those excerpts before you contribute to the debate; educate yourself.

Thank you!

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modify delete 18183 - Reply from Régine , 51 y.o. (France) - 2018-05-28

It's normal to keep an open eye on Muslims because some of them have a wrong interpretation of the holly book. You cannot see a member of other religion becoming a terrorist. It's extremelly difficult to make a distinction between real Muslims and the ones who want to spread the djihad. So, FOR OUR SECURITY let's close our borders.

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modify delete 18182 - Reply from Anonymous (United States) - 2018-05-28

My take on Islam?

I do not believe that Muslims are at all dangerous! I have met a few Muslims on here, and they are all great people. I have learned from a Muslim friend that it is against Islam to hurt people!

I also do not believe in a Muslim ban... it was a restriction looking for terrorists and trying to weed them out from the good people. If a Muslim wanted to come from... let me just say UK (for example, list any country not listed!) they would be perfectly allowed. The government doesn't just say no because they are a Muslim!!! If a woman from Canada wanted to move to the U.S., they wouldn't look at her and see a hijab and say that she couldn't come in. Same with a man wearing a taqiyah! And that is not to say that all Muslims wear those garments.

The government was just trying to keep our people safe. They know that not everybody is a terrorist! This was also not permanent. Also, may I mention, that if a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or anyone of any other religion besides Islam from those countries wanted to come in during the ban, they would be denied in the same way that a Muslim would! Also, Venezuela was listed as having a travel ban as well, and they are NOT a Muslim country!!!

So, that is my take on the supposed "Muslim ban" that was never put in place.


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modify delete 18164 - Reply from Korla , 15 y.o. (USA) - 2018-04-19


I believe proper, respectful debate, is an insighful, pleassurable form of education and communication.

As long as there are issues of opinion, I am sure there will always be individuals with contradicting beliefs. We must be mindful of others fancy, but never avoid disscussing or expressing our own ideas, moderately and respectively.

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modify delete 18162 - Reply from Régine , 51 y.o. (France) - 2018-04-18

I agree with Lea. I add that every belief is bound to be reality for the believer as long as it is not a message of hatred and intolerance.

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modify delete 18161 - Reply from Eva , 17 y.o. (Germany) - 2018-04-18

I think it is woth to dicuss religion in general, because just as I started talking about christianity I realised so many things. I learned to recognize metaphors, symbols, similies and how to interpret them. With thinking about religion I became tolerant and I learned that when to people are reading the same text, they could think a thousands of different thoughts and no one is wrong and no one completely right. I have not read the old discussion,but I think it is worth to talk about religion.

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modify delete 18143 - Reply from Abram , 16 y.o. (usa) - 2018-04-04

Bonjour, Nicolas!

I understand that some people find it difficult to maintain a calm demeanor while debating sensitive issues, and I implore everyone to do so. If this debate does not suit you, although I encourage you to watch from the sidelines, I don't mind at all if you abandon this thread.

I have been discussing various other issues on the preceding threads; please feel free and encouraged to contribute!

Thank you for your concern!

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modify delete 18142 - Reply from Nicolas , 53 y.o. (France) - 2018-04-04

Abram, il y a déjà eu pas mal de débat sur ce sujet ici, et on a fini par les supprimer car bien souvent, ça tournait mal. Si vous pouviez parler d'autre chose, ça m'arrangerait. Merci !

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