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modify delete 18118 - from Régine , 51 y.o. (France) - 2018-03-23
Society : "Srikes"

Strikes paralyse France. What is your opinion ? Do you think the radz unions must go on like this or not ? I think they are right. The government gives all the money to the ricH.
It takes on the poor and the middle classes.

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modify delete 18163 - Reply from Régine , 51 y.o. (France) - 2018-04-18

Bonjour dear Luojun, it's a strong possibility. but I think a good Governement, everywhere in the world, should be a melting of social rights and freedom. Communism for jobs IN ADMIISTRATION, capitalism for jobs in private field AND decent wages FOR ALL.

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modify delete 18159 - Reply from luojun (China) - 2018-04-13

I think now it's a Revisionist government

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modify delete 18156 - Reply from Régine , 51 y.o. (France) - 2018-04-08

I thought that chinese governement was communist, left winged. I don't understand why it has decided to do that. Maybe it has started to become capitalist. Or only members of nomenclatura won't be concerned. If so, it seems like Soviet Union times.

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modify delete 18149 - Reply from luojun , 15 y.o. (China) - 2018-04-05

Bonjour, dear Régine.
Someone may says the labors are wayward and ignore their proper occupations. But I believe they are right. French labors fought for their rights since 1831 in Lyon. Now the working class is weak, so they have no choice but to fight for their rights through strikes.
A few days ago, thousands of sanitationmen struck in Shanghai because their wages are deducted for no reason. It lasted for few days, then it was suppressed. I believe both French and Chinese government should cares for the labors more.

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modify delete 18136 - Reply from Lillian , 13 y.o. (USA) - 2018-04-03

Hey, looks like we all agree. :)

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modify delete 18135 - Reply from Abram , 16 y.o. (usa) - 2018-04-03

Bonjour Raphael!

Yes, Here is a point about which we are in agreement: governments are corrupt; they have been , while the people have been brainwashed and distracted, hijacked by certain influential people to serve the interests of the "Cabal," if you will, and not those of the people. There is hope, however, for the US. It's just law granting ample individual freedom, although largely ignored today, still exists, the Constitution, and could be enforced if enough people could be educated properly.

Thanks for your opinion!

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modify delete 18124 - Reply from Raphaël , 14 y.o. (Canada) - 2018-03-26

Presque tous les gouvernements occidentaux sont totalement asservis aux intérêts des riches et ne se préoccupent pas du tout du sort des pauvres et de la classe moyenne.

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modify delete 18120 - Reply from Régine , 51 y.o. (France) - 2018-03-24

My parents and I belongs to the middle classes. At the limit of poverty. Our wages won't increase. And we pay many taxes.

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