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modify delete 17892 - from Oh , 20 y.o. (Korea) - 2017-11-26
School : "Universities in northern europe"

Hi, I am majoring in Social Sciences. I plan to study abroad two or three years later. so, would you recommend a university in Germany or Northern Europe?

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modify delete 18274 - Reply from angie , 20 y.o. (usa) - 2019-04-06

Hi! I am planning to apply to another country like you. The main web that I use to search the information about the universities all over the world is
I am planning to apply for a BA in Valley Forge Military College. There are a lot of good programms and courses for me. What about Northern Europe, I don`t know exectly but you can search in this web by yourself. It`s easy) Good luck)

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modify delete 17893 - Reply from Andreas (Germany) - 2017-11-27

study in Korea! Korean education system is ranked very highly, it's one of the best in the world!

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