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modify delete 17887 - from Lillian , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2017-11-15
Others : "christiananity, good,or bad>"

what do you think about christians?
do you believe you go to heaven or hell when you die?
why or why not?

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modify delete 18262 - Reply from Helene , 15 y.o. (France) - 2019-03-02

Religion is a choice, it depends if you want to believe in it or not. However, we should respect everyone, no matter if he's christian or not, and it is not something that we can qualify with "good or bad"
Personally, I consider religion as a source of power, it let people who believe in it follow it "instructions", it could be positive instructions for example to build beautiful religious monuments, to travel all the way to Jerusalem, to be kind to everyone, as it could be negative instructions like provocating wars and conflicts.

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modify delete 18096 - Reply from Soph , 14 y.o. (USA) - 2018-03-08

I am a Protestant. I believe Christians go to heaven but the unrepentant sinner goes to hell. Feel free to email me if you would like to talk about these things!

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modify delete 17916 - Reply from Lillian , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2017-12-15

You know what else? The Devil is the most beautiful of all angles. I would be very careful thinking this dream was good...

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modify delete 17908 - Reply from Régine , 51 y.o. (France) - 2017-12-03

I MADE A DREAM NOT LONG AGO WHERE I SAW A BEAUTIFULL YELLOW AND BLUE LIGHT; i immediatelly felt she was an VERY IMPORTANT entity of the afterlife. She was gentle and peacefull. Dreams are said to be the cousins of death.

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modify delete 17907 - Reply from Régine , 51 y.o. (France) - 2017-12-03

I think Christianity is nowadays the less dangerous, women are free to be married or not, to have children or not, to rule their life.But unfortunatelly catholicism and for instance is an obstacle to all of this. Protestants and Ortodoxs are far more tolerant.

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