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modify delete 17580 - from Korla , 15 y.o. (USA) - 2017-06-23
School : "Independent Homeschooling"

Should kids that independently homeschooled be able to participate in public or private school athletics? In the US citizens also pay taxes for public schools. Do you think homeschooled families should not have to pay taxes for public schools or at least receive the benefits of their tax? Is homeschooling using public school curriculum and teachers truly homeschooling? I personally don't think so and would like to here your opinion. What do think of when you hear the word or see someone 'homeschooled'?

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modify delete 17585 - Reply from guest (europe) - 2017-06-27

Americans are not aware of many "global" things ) But yes, in Europe, many things are very different, very different. You can read about it and discover the world is much different than American medias do portray them. Yes, in Germany, parents get fined or can even go to jail for home-schooling their children and in many other countries, homeschooling is illegal as well.

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modify delete 17583 - Reply from Korla , 15 y.o. (USA) - 2017-06-26

I did not know that. Parents persecuted as criminals! Wowzers! Some cities in the United States do not allow parents to homeschool their children.

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modify delete 17582 - Reply from guest (europe) - 2017-06-24

You know, in Germany homeschooling is banned by the law and parents who try to homeschool their children are legally persecuted as criminals...

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