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modify delete 17056 - from xin , 21 y.o. (china ) - 2016-11-12
School : "Is rigth to relax requirmemts to make more people can graudate in china ?"

In my college ,our teacher make the different class for the different levels. Then in normal times ,the more great class' test is harder than the poor class .Yeah ,I do not deny it ,but I can not agree they take the normal scores to the final transcipt. It is not fair .Because maybe the finally the poor students scores are close the great one , even higher .How irony it is! Also, someone retake course for renew the not satisfied scores and someone just because too poor to through the first text .But many teachers do not attention that, they always give the final scores at will ,and almost do not look the examination paper .
Is rigth? Yeah ,you make more people can graudate, but it is useful, they still poor. And the others can not find the good one through the transcipt .
Are you face that in your country? What do you think about it? Tell me your opion ,let us discuss !

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modify delete 18422 - Reply from thais , 12 y.o. (france ) - 2020-07-22

I am a 12-year-old French college student and I have never had any grade or ranking at school
I think the note never encouraged people to work well. A good student often works to get good grades, and is not always interested in teachers' comments on their copy. then the notes create demotivating hierarchies

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modify delete 17149 - Reply from irbah , 17 y.o. (Malaysia) - 2016-12-27

Maybe from a teacher's perspective, they wanted to help the students score for a better future. But truth be told, in a student's perspective, it is not fair at all. This sometimes happened in my school years. Cheating, leaked questions are those of the things that i hated.

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