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modify delete 43159 - from Grace , 12 y.o. (Britain) - 2020-07-06
Music : "*I like jpop*"

I like listening to jpop and my favourite artists are mafumafu and amatsuki, my favourite band is silent siren. I would like to talk to some other jpop fans around the world, bye!

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modify delete 43219 - Reply from Grace , 12 y.o. (Britain) - 2020-07-28 >> NEW

no, i haven't heard of it but i will check it out!

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modify delete 43192 - Reply from Waraphorn , 22 y.o. (Thailand) - 2020-07-16

Recently I listen to Snow jam by Rin.

Have you ever heard of it?

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modify delete 43165 - Reply from Grace , 12 y.o. (Britain) - 2020-07-06

My favourite silent siren song is 'go way'. What is your favourite mafu/ amatsuki song? Mine are merry bad ending and paprika (cover)

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modify delete 43163 - Reply from A'syah , 14 y.o. (Malaysia) - 2020-07-06

Yeah! Me too. Ever since I've been exposed to J-Pop by my sister in arms, I fell in live with it. I'm glad that you enjoy them. I haven't tried listening to Silent Siren yet. But I'll give it a try. Thank you(•ω•)

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