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modify delete 43097 - from Nithmi (Sri Lanka) - 2020-06-10
Music : "Can you recommend me some good songs?"

I am kinda out of songs to listen these days. I've been searching for good songs but nothing seems to take my interest. Can anyone recommend me some good songs you know?
(I usually listen to soft and classic music. I like kpop too. I know only BTS and TXT.)

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modify delete 43127 - Reply from Beth , 20 y.o. (Australia) - 2020-06-24

If you like classical music, check out these channels on YouTube

The Piano Guys
TwoSet Violin
Jacob's Piano

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modify delete 43102 - Reply from Megan , 16 y.o. (United States) - 2020-06-12

I definitely recommend NCT, it may seem overwhelming at first with so many members, but I promise you that they're a really good group, who have songs in such a variety of genres. I would listen to NCT Dream if you like that kind of "bubblegum kpop" vibe (their newer stuff is a little more hard core but I recommend "we go up" and "don't need your love". NCT U covers A LOT of variety of music, but if you prefer lighter more easy going music I would try "timeless" and NCT 127 has a lot darker more edgy vibe but they still have "Touch" which is a sweet song, but most of their songs are edgier, but still really good!(Theres also another subunit called WAYV but they're Cpop so idk if you like that, but they're still AMAZING) anyway, you really should check them out, theres an NCT song for everyone lol!

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modify delete 43098 - Reply from Edith , 18 y.o. (México) - 2020-06-11

One of my favorite bands is simple plan, has songs that encourage me a lot, I recommend "singing in the rain" and "i don't wanna be sad" < 3

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