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modify delete 42867 - from Rayvon , 14 y.o. (Kenya) - 2020-04-06
Computers : "C# or C++ or Java or C or Python"

Which language is easy & fast to learn

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modify delete 42920 - Reply from Briana (USA) - 2020-04-23

Hi, this might have been posted a while ago, but I say Spanish. I think it might take a while, but it´s worth it.

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modify delete 42877 - Reply from Matt (United States) - 2020-04-10

Any coding language is going to pose the initial challenge of understanding how code works. But once you've learned one really well, the rest become a ton easier to learn. Of the five you listed, I'd highly recommend Python for a few reasons:

- Syntactically, it's closer to a regular spoken language, so it's going to look less scary when you read it

- It's arguably the fastest growing language, meaning there's a high demand for it

- A high demand means there are a lot of resources to be able to help you

- As I mentioned above, once you learn the concepts of coding in one language, it becomes much easier to learn a second or third

I'm studying Python myself and having messed in C++, VBA, Java and the web trio (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Python has been the best experience I've had yet. Because you're still young, I'd recommend trying to learn the basics of coding in Python and sticking with it. By the time you're up for university - if you stick to it - you should be fluent enough in Python to study whatever language you want to learn with relative ease.

Best of luck and happy coding!

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