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modify delete 42818 - from Haoer , 20 y.o. (Chinese) - 2020-03-12
Computers : "Welcome to communicate with me"

I like python because it is easier to learn. Although my steps are a bit slow, I believe I can learn proficiently. I hope to communicate with more python friends who know more.

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modify delete 42876 - Reply from Matt (United States) - 2020-04-10

I'm also learning Python! I'm doing an online bootcamp by Colt Steele and it's really helped me a lot. If you have questions, I have a grasp on pretty much all the core stuff, so feel free to ask!

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modify delete 42839 - Reply from MARC ALAIN , 19 y.o. (Ivory coast) - 2020-03-26

hello,like you, i want to know more about "python". we can exchange our knowedge about it. hi.

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