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modify delete 42381 - from Dimitri , 18 y.o. (France) - 2019-06-07
Computers : "Why does studentsoftheworld give out sender's IP address ?"

When you receive a message on SOTW, there is a field below the sender's profile picture which indicates their IP address. Is there an actual use for this ?
It seems to be that this is a major security problem because of how easy it is to locate users based on their IP address, amongst other possible exploits.
Any thoughts on this subject ?

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modify delete 42394 - Reply from Nicolas (webmaster) - 2019-06-12

Merci de ta contribution Emilie. Bon, j'ai trouvé un compromis : j'affiche juste le 1er nombre. Le plus souvent, ce nombre permet d'avoir une idée sur le pays d'origine. Je vous laisse découvrir le résultat dans vos mails.

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modify delete 42392 - Reply from Emily (France) - 2019-06-12

It is kind of worrying that IP adresses are displayed as it makes it that much easier to find exact adresses (like house numbers, streets, appartement blocks) and also a lot easier to hack if some ill intentioned person ever made it past the verification process... It also puts other people on the same wifi at risk and even could almow real-time location tracking...

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modify delete 42385 - Reply from Nicolas (webmaster) - 2019-06-09

However, we got the same remark several times. So in the case most part of users don't want to see IP address, then we may hide all IP addresses.

To all users: what's your opinion? Must we display IP addresses or not?

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modify delete 42384 - Reply from Dimitri , 18 y.o. (France) - 2019-06-08

Makes sense to me.

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modify delete 42383 - Reply from Nicolas (webmaster) - 2019-06-08

Hello Dimitri,

for your information, all messages sent through email include sender's IP address, so you can verify the region. It doesn't give much more information, so nobody can exploit it. That's why we decided to include this information in SOTW mail too. It's not a security problem : it's FOR your security.

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