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modify delete 20592 - from Andrei , 14 y.o. (Russia) - 2020-03-20
Languages : "I really need help with my english assignment so i can pass.Please help me :("

I. Read the following text and put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. 10 points

Every time I visited him, he 1)...... (to sit) in an armchair almost on top of the gas fire, his white head down to his knees. A chair he hardly moved from, a chair that 2)........(become) a bed. The

bulky black and white television, coated with dust 3) ..... (to murmur) to itself. Even the

programmes looked old. The whole room was mean and dark, cluttered with the debris of life. “I 4)..... (to have) a bad heart, you know ”, he said, using a sweet-old-man’s voice.”No one to look
after me since my wife 5) ......(to pass) away. That 6) ...... (to be) her, up there.”

A large, framed, studio portrait on the sideboard. A woman in her mid – forties, taken about 1950 from the look of her hair and jacket. It seemed the photographer 7) ..... (to catch) the end of a smile. Or, maybe, I 8) ...(to think) then, maybe she couldn’t smile. I couldn’t get that look out of my head. What 9)........(to happen) to make her do that ? And all through the summer, as I 10) ....(to visit) him, the question grew in my head.

II. Use the word given in brackets to form a word that fits in each sentence.

10 points

1. A local committee is finally taking action to do something about the (POLLUTE) ______ river that runs through our town.
2. The (PROTECT) ______ of the environment should be a top priority for everybody.
3. Most animals attack when they feel (THREAT) ______.

4. The (DESTROY) ______ of the rainforest is causing many problems to the local community and ecosystem.
5. I hate the adults’ (PATRON) ______ attitude towards teenagers.

6. You should help the poor and the (NEED) __________.
7. As it was very hot, she was wearing a (SLEEVE) __________ dress.
8. This is a very (PLEASE) __________way of spending your weekend.
9. I am surprised at the rapid (GROW) _____ of information.
10. The bankrupcy of this company is (AVOID) __________ in the next year or so.

III. Read the following text and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits in each gap.
10 points

Macaws are colourful tropical parrots. There are 17 different (1) _______ of macaws, most of
which can be found in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. They (2) _______
on seeds, fruit and insects, as well as on small mammals and reptiles. They grab their (3)

_______ using their toes and they also have very powerful beaks to help break open shells.
Macaws have many (4) _______ including monkeys, eagles, lizards and snakes, which can be

a great (5) _______ to them. There has been a decline in the macaw population mostly because
their natural (6) ________ is being destroyed due to (7) _______. Many of the species,
however, like the Indigo Macaw, are (8) _______ because they are hunted by local tribesmen
for their brightly-coloured (9) _______. Another threat macaws face is poaching, because they

have become increasingly popular in the pet bird trade. Two species, the Glaucous Macaw and Spix's Macaw, might already be (10) ________.

1. A. types B. ways C. kinds D. species

2. A. food B. feed C. feet D. feeds

3. A. prey B. victim C. brute D. pray

4. A. animal B. beast C. predators D. pet

5. A. danger B. threat C. menace D. fear

6. A. home B. habitat C. house D. shelter

7. A. forestation B. forested C. afforestation D. deforestation

8. A. harmed B. protected C. unprotected D. endangered

9. A. skin B. pillow C. feathers D. tan

10. A. alive B. extinct C. absent D. active

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modify delete 20598 - Reply from Shanice , 14 y.o. (England) - 2020-03-28

hi, I don't know if you still need help but here is the answers I have




I live in England so I can speak English very well, but if anything is wrong sorry.

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