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modify delete 20584 - from Yolik , 17 y.o. (Switzerland) - 2020-03-11
Languages : "English test tomorrow !"

Hello guys,

I'll have a test tomorrow and I've already seen the questions I will have to answer to. As you see, I'm very bad. For this reason I ask you to write a text for me about:

[b]You have just visited the Notting Hill Carnival in London. Describe your day there (what did you do? What did you see?) and give your impressions and opinion on this festival and its atmosphere. Use at least four relative clauses in your text and underline them.
Use at least four different quantifiers and circle them.
Write between 110-120 words[/b]

If you do it for me, you will save my life {-:

Thank you so much

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