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modify delete 34417 - from Scotia , 18 y.o. (AUS) - 2020-05-05
Parrot : "Alex the African Grey Parrot"

hey guys,
i'm visiting this forum because i thought you might be interested in something i have to share.
A little background: I'm studying Languages and Linguistics at university
Something that i learnt about in my communications class was this famous African Grey parrot named Alex. Alex was apart of a massive study into animal communication and animal language acquisition. He was trained a very large amount of English words and actually had the impressive ability to not only speak but much as a parrot can, which compared to humans is about the ability of a toddler. His speech sounds were remarkably accurate, he knew 100+ object names and some fixed expressions. He could answer simple questions about the shape, size colour and material of objects. Honestly you should look it up on Youtube, its quite weird but amazing to see a parrot not just speaking like a human but showing that it understands too. At one point he asked to be done with the training so he could play. He also asked for water. It makes me a bit sad that to get to this point he had to undergo immense amount of training everyday though :(

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