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modify delete 33127 - from Ariadne , 12 y.o. (GRE) - 2018-04-11
Parrot : "Lovebirds"

Hi, dear Ruby. I am a twelve years old girl from Greece. I like parrots too! I have four lovebirds, a girl, a boy and their babies. The three of them are greel( mum and babies ) and the dad is yellow! I think you know, they don’t sing, they say something like TUIT! Lovebirds come from Angola , so the youngest baby is named Terseiro. It means third in the language that people speak there. He was born third. Her sister, the second baby, is named Rita, a Greek name. We gave the first bird to some friends because it was toooo loudly. Now he has some babies too.
Friendly , Ariadne
And I m sorry if you can’t understand my English!

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