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modify delete 31195 - from Amanda , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2016-04-18
Panda : "Panda!"

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I love pandas! These animals are very cool. Also, the amount of bamboo leaves and regular bamboo they can eat is incredible! I could not choose a favorite type of panda because red pandas and giant pandas are all awesome!

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modify delete 33402 - Reply from Nur Ayuni , 14 y.o. (MLS) - 2018-07-24

Hi my name is Ayuni.I love panda because its so fluffy and fat like my friend.

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modify delete 31213 - Reply from Ruby , 12 y.o. (EGY) - 2016-04-23

Hi do you want to be pen pals i lied I am 7 not twelve i like tennis to panders are so cute love Ruby holland

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