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modify delete 31077 - from Julie (FRA) - 2016-03-28
Rabbit : "Rabbits and advice(s)"

Hello everyone ! My name is Julie and I'm a French girl. I really love rabbits and I wish to have one. Do you have advice(s) for me please ? Oh and... A rabbit can live in an apartment ? Is that ok or it's better to live in a house with a garden etc. Bye bye ! (^-^)

31077 -
modify delete 31246 - Reply from Dominique (USA) - 2016-04-30

I have a rabbit named Aj and she is the most awesomest pet you could ever have. I think its better to have a rabbit in your apartment because you pay more attention to them. They can't accidentally overheat, freeze. starve, or even be eaten. Just make sure to get one that is maybe older or is accustomed to houses, otherwise they will probably chew up your carpet!

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