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modify delete 13022 - from Lauren (GBR) - 2013-05-19
Lion : "Lion King Tails: Rise of The South - Chapter 1"

Lying in amidst the the leafy, twigy nest, the golden-brown, newborn lioness cub wriggled with pleasure. Her mother, silky coated and blue-eyed, licked her daughter's face with a rough yet comforting tongue. The squeaking, brown bundle of fuzz tentavley struck out a feeble paw as another lioness trotted over.
"Oh, Feba! Isn't she beautiful!" she lowered her head to her own cub, who's pelt was the same orangey colour as Feba's new daughter. She let the cub crawl over to his friend, and the two baby lions nuzzled eachother joyfully.
"They're going to grow up big and strong, without a doubt," said Feba's mate, Sumi. His chocolate brown mane flowed down cream-coloured shoulders.
"Yes," said the mate of the other lioness and leader of the pride, Balto. "He'll be the perfect heir Alesha."
As the cubs nuzzled eachother, the pride drew close together and slept soundly, knowing that with a now bigger pride they would have a chance of survivla in the Serengeti.

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modify delete 13943 - Reply from Annika , 12 y.o. (AUS) - 2013-10-24

That is a great piece, hope you write lots of short stories.

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modify delete 13334 - Reply from Ronnie Elizabeth , 12 y.o. (GRE) - 2013-07-16

Λατρεύω τα λιοντάρια, αλλά γνώρισα όνομα αγαπούν αφρικανικά λιοντάρια! υπάρχουν μόνο στην όμορφη και τολμηρή yes I have an American name and yes I can speak greek!!!

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