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modify delete 10397 - from Olivia , 13 y.o. (USA) - 2012-06-09
Spider : "I HATE spiders"

Ewww...... Spiders are disgusting. I am afraid of all of them!!! They are disgusting!! When I see a spider I scream and run away to get a shoe if I don't have one on already. I hate them!!! I especially hate the little ones!

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modify delete 13842 - Reply from melly , 12 y.o. (ALA) - 2013-10-15

well you sound rather mean and wicked!

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modify delete 12021 - Reply from Lauren , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2012-12-25

I understand that you're afraid of them, but you really should try to understand the world from their point of view. They are just like us, just tiny.

Imagine that if all your fears of giant creatures that look strange and try to squash you are actually true. That is what life is like for the spider.

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modify delete 10437 - Reply from Caitlin , 13 y.o. (NZL) - 2012-06-14

i can tell ya this...


They are freaky!

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