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modifier supprimer 25995 - de Chen , 14 ans (CHN) - 2018-07-27
Volley ball : "Volleyball and I"

Fortunately,when I was in grade 3,I was elected to the school volleyball team.From then on,I fell in love with volleyball.So far,I've been playing volleyball for 6 years.And my teammates and I won a lot of prizes for school.Volleyball brings my best memories.I hope everything can still go on.

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modifier supprimer 26131 - Réponse de Chen , 14 ans (CHN) - 2018-10-19

A good idea XD.I'd love to talk about something about volleyball with others.

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modifier supprimer 26115 - Réponse de Brynlee , 11 ans (USA) - 2018-10-16

Hey! I love volleyball as well want to be pen pals and maybe we could chit chat about some volleyball stuff C:

- Brynlee / Bryn

P.S if we do become pen pals i only do it through mail < 3

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