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modifier supprimer 25076 - de shally , 16 ans (CAN) - 2017-04-16
Volley ball : "volley"

I love volleyball! I play on my school team and we're one of the best team of our province! And the match, wow! The energy there! But there's only one thing ... The girls on the other team who act like ... You know ... Like seriously girls grow up !

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modifier supprimer 25307 - Réponse de Lily , 15 ans (CHN) - 2017-08-12

If you want to be my friends, reply me. if not ,still hope u have a nice day
. And I am a girl who is 16.

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modifier supprimer 25083 - Réponse de Emma , 13 ans (USA) - 2017-04-19

Hi! I play volleyball too! I am on a school team and a club team! Our school team is undefeated, and the club team wins pretty often. I totally understand what you mean about other girls needing to grow up! What position do you play? I play middle hitter and blocker! Let me know of any good volleyball jokes. Also we should keep writing!

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