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modifier supprimer 24902 - de Clederon , 18 ans (KOR) - 2017-01-22
Volley ball : "Do you know Haikyuu?"

Haikyuu is a sport enime. I like volleyball because this enime. Someone saw this, I want to talk about this.

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modifier supprimer 25691 - Réponse de Rin , 13 ans (FRA) - 2018-02-07

Hello! Yes I know Haikyuu, it's a very good anime! I play volley ball since 7 years and at first I don'tliked this sport. But after watching Haikyuu for the first time (there is 3 years), I understanded why volley is so good :D

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modifier supprimer 25104 - Réponse de Camille , 19 ans (FRA) - 2017-04-27

HEllo!!! I agree with you it is livens up him that I prefer at the level of the sport and I made it. The volleyball it is too good! ;)

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