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modifier supprimer 23892 - de Ilenia (ITA) - 2016-01-15
Volley ball : "Volleyball in the world"

Hello everybody!

My name is Ilenia and I used to be a volleyball player. Two years ago I gave up on this sport to play tennis. This year I started with athletics and I love this sport very much!
Anyway volleyball is still one of my favourite sports and although I'm not in a team anymore I still play it at school with my mates.

Time ago I read an article which was about the most popular sports in the world. Volleyball is at the 6th place. Here in Italy it is quite popular and there are many children and people of my age that play it, but this sport isn't followed by many people. On TV there are always football matches.

So in the end I would like to know if in your country this sport is played and followed by many or few people.

Have a nice day :)

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modifier supprimer 24707 - Réponse de Eilene , 12 ans (USA) - 2016-10-27

hi i am eilene and we play volleyball at school. alot of the sixth graders mess around but i like to play and have

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modifier supprimer 24470 - Réponse de Tiphaine , 16 ans (FRA) - 2016-07-09

i'm a volley-ball player in club.
I love french team, maybe you know them, they are "team Yavbou" :)
in France, football is the most popular sport on TV, and before we never see volley-ball on TV and nobody knows Earvin Ngapeth or national french team.
BUT now, with the "Team Yavbou", who won World league 2015, European championship, and now they are qualified to the JO 2016.. they are more publicized. But it's not like the football and it's not on the bests-known TV channels!
sorry for my english !

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modifier supprimer 24321 - Réponse de Emma , 17 ans (CHN) - 2016-05-16

hello.I am a girl born in China,I love playing football too,though I cant paly it very well
anyway I think you are a really outgoing girl and so am I.I hope we can write to each other later if you are glad to know me further.look forward to your repla~haha

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modifier supprimer 24139 - Réponse de Grace , 10 ans (USA) - 2016-03-24

Hi!!! I'm grace and I am 10 years old I live in California were surfing I think is its sport. Sense California is known for its beaches. I prefer soccer I play it all the time at school and with my dogs!!! I also like to surf I had lessons in Hawaii once and know I'm pretty good. I would love to be your friend/pen pal.

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modifier supprimer 24055 - Réponse de Gabrielle (USA) - 2016-02-24

Yes, Volleyball is my favorite sport too. I almost gave it up for cheer leading but I stopped and realized that this was a sport I was good at.

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modifier supprimer 23903 - Réponse de Ching-Tang , 19 ans (TAI) - 2016-01-19

Hello Ilenia!

My name is Ching-Tang, studying in the National Chengchi University. Now I'm a setter in the department volleyball team.

Volleyball is not a popular sport in Taiwan.
It is a little difficult to find a volleyball court outside of school.
Most of volleyball players are college students and it is common that people start playing volleyball in college.

I hope I can make friends with you, and maybe we can talk about volleyball in the future.

Best wishes :D

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