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modifier supprimer 39159 - de Jacqueline , 15 ans (USA) - 2020-12-18
Ecrivain : "A brief-ish history of the Asteria universe"

This intergalactic history obviously begins with the Big Bang. The universe is completely silent for about two billion years until the Xinsuuri and Splicers evolve in the Aurora and Milky Way galaxies, respectively. For about a million years, they developed civilizations, with the Xinsuuri making several advancements in the areas of astroengineering and artificial intelligence, inventing the warp dive for the first time in history, and creating the hyperintelligent Custodians. The aquatic Splicers, on the other hand, focused on biotechnology, creating living weapons, "computers", and starships, but never developing faster-than-light travel. The two species simply existed, unaware of each other for countless millennia, until the Aurora Galaxy's collision with its neighbor led to the Xinsuuri and Custodians fleeing to the Laniakea Supercluster in the year 2 billion B.C.E. The Splicers, perceiving this as an invasion, declared war on the Xinsuuri. For centuries, the Splicers struggled in vain against their vastly more advanced foes, but in the end, they lost, facing almost total extinction, save for a few hidden colonies.

After the war, the Xinsuuri began to experiment with Splicer biotechnology, eventually creating the Xinsuuri-Symbionts. Initially created to augment the Xinsuuri's already-impressive mental capabilities, the Symbionts instead formed a hivemind, enslaving their creators. The Custodians saw this as a great danger to the other sapient species of the Supercluster, so they attempted to wipe out the Symbionts with weaponized Von Neumann probes. This failed, and the Custodians were forced into hiding.

For eons, the Xinsuuri and their Symbionts ruled a vast empire, until a plague wiped out the Xinsuuri-Hosts. The Symbionts hid in bodies of water, taking vaguely dolphin-like creatures as hosts until their discovery by the Shotani in 70,000 B.C.E. Seeing the Symbionts as an effective method of controlling the species within their territory, the Shotani struck a deal with the Symbionts to help them spread in exchange for keeping the client species complacent.

Eventually, the Shotani discovered Earth and invaded it. Being a Kardashev Type 2 civilization, the Shotani crushed the militaries of Earth and infested about a third of the world's population with Symbionts, until the Terran Revolution of 2165 was able to drive them away with the aid of another species, the saurian Tthariqqun.

The Tthariqqun, however, had ulterior motives, incorporating humanity into their species-based caste system, until a human-led alliance of species overthrew them. This alliance would grow to become the United Terran Empire. This is where we are now in "Asteria". Let me know what you think!

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modifier supprimer 39241 - Réponse de Jacqueline , 15 ans (USA) - 2021-01-17

Thank you!

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modifier supprimer 39231 - Réponse de Raya , 9 ans (IDN) - 2021-01-12

owh! i love it

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