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modifier supprimer 38926 - de Jacqueline (USA) - 2020-12-07
Ecrivain : "Conlanging advice"

I could use some advice on a conlang (constructed language) that I am working on for the Asteria setting that I mentioned in a few previous posts.

This conlang is called "Tuunirian", and it is spoken by the Ghahiirrim that I posted about recently. It is written with an abjad (a script where only consonants are given glyphs, while vowels are either excluded or given diacritics) that I have based on the Thaana and Klingon scripts. It also has logographs for commonly used nouns and verbs. I have a few questions regarding this: Can abjads have symbols that indicate tones? How do I Romanize the language of a species that has two vocal cords? Would it make sense for the logographs to be used to add context in sentences?

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modifier supprimer 38927 - Réponse de Jacqueline , 15 ans (USA) - 2020-12-07

I am actually renaming the conlang to "High Maahrossho".

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