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modifier supprimer 32906 - de Aurélien , 23 ans (BEL) - 2016-10-19
Chercheur scientifique : "Young biologist here ! :D"

Hi !

I am Aurélien and I am a young biologist. I worked on piranhas for one year and now I start to work on some frogs !

I am interested in learning english and I can learn you some things about the biology, sciences or just french because it is my native language !

Goodbye :D !

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modifier supprimer 36694 - Réponse de Aadil , 15 ans (USA) - 2019-06-19

Hi I'm Aadil, I've been trying to learn French online because my school dosen't teach other languages, and am a native English speaker (though I'm not great at English) maybe we can help each other. Email me at if you want to talk.

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modifier supprimer 36442 - Réponse de Jacob , 11 ans (USA) - 2019-02-10

Hi! I would like to be a biochemist which is close to what your doing! I could teach you some english if we become pen pals. Hope you write back!

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modifier supprimer 36346 - Réponse de Najma , 16 ans (IDN) - 2019-01-10

Hi, so happy to see ur message.
I;m Najma, a high schooler from Indonesia. I dreamed high about being a good scientist. tell me, is there any university in Belgium which can lead me to be a scientist? I wanna study abroad. If you wanna answer this question, you can answer me in my parent's email:
I found out that Belgium's chocolate was stunning. the best chocolate of all. maybe someday i could visit your country, then buy chocolate as many as i could buy.
really want to see your reply.
thank you very much!

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modifier supprimer 33592 - Réponse de Hamina (MAD) - 2017-02-06

Hi, I'd like learning French and english too. I'm a microbiologist but I haven't job yet. So, can you help me?

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